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Monday, January 16, 2006 

Khaddam to form Syrian Government in Exile

One day after France signalled that he was no longer welcome, former Syrian Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam has announced he is forming a government-in-exile.

The news contradicts his insistence that his words against Bashar were not a bid to seize the Syrian leadership.

The man who was one of Hafez's closest aides for 30 years expressed his confidence that Bashar would not see out the year as President.

When Hafez died in 2000 there was said to be a behind-the-scenes power struggle. Old hands like Khaddam, Foreign Minister Farouq Ash-Sharaa and boss of Lebanon Rustom Ghazleh were said to be angry that the inexperienced Bashar was being drafted in. They felt the Presidency should go to one of them.

The front runner? Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam.

the source revealing this story was false and only reported by the qatari jazeera.

Now ,does anybody expect Syria to be happy if Khaddan is offered assylem in some Arab country and do nothing about it.

Hi Anon,

Thanks for your comments. It actually came from an interview with the German Der Spiegel magazine.

Do you have any evidence that they're lying? What made you think that?


"Now ,does anybody expect Syria to be happy if Khaddan is offered assylem in some Arab country and do nothing about it. "

Oooh... The UAE must be so afraid. Syria is going to deprive them of its army of unemployed workers.

Do you not think the life-blood of the Gulf is poor Syrians and Palestinians and South Asians?

I can't remember ever seeing a Gulfie on a Dubai building site!

"Do you not think the life-blood of the Gulf is poor Syrians and Palestinians and South Asians?"

Yes I do. But what you fail to understand is that does not make the UAE dependent on Syria. UAE can replace the SYrians workers with Indians, Africans, Sri Lankese or Filippino anyway they want. Finding unemployed persons is not a problem in this world.

Maybe it is time for the Syrian goverment to start spending on infrastructure and offer them jobs through the private secter in Syria .

My uncle who knew Khaddam since the fiftie told me that he ie Khaddam is the most corupt member in goverment,would Syrians make a big mistake and chose the corupt Khaddam to the the clean and hounest Bashar Asad just because Khaddam is Sunni ,i hope they are smarter.

My uncle knew him, my cousin met him, my sister is married to his nephew is something you read often on the blogosphere.

Ziad :If you were Syrian you would know that Syria is not that big and many people has personal contacts with people in goverment,

norman - you are a moron

Personally, I know Bush quite well (our mothers were at school together). I personally introduced him to Saddam and Pol Pot who were personal friends of my uncle.

And that is because: Syria is so tiny.

BTW, I ran into Bashar yesterday. He says hello to all of you.

You can say whatever you want but that does not chang the facts no matter how hard for you to beleive.and i do not you are moron just ignorent.

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