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Saturday, January 14, 2006 

France washes its hands of Khaddam

France is desperately trying to get rid of former Syrian Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam, it emerged tonight.

A delegation of French diplomats arrived in Saudi, to arrange for him to be transferred out. Saudi said no. The French delegation immediately went across to the UAE - it's not clear what their response is.

It seems that after Khaddam's stream of inflamatory statements, France does not want to be stuck in the middle anymore. Chirac, a long-time friend of Syria, has been frosty towards President Bashar Al-Assad, but it seems hosting Khaddam is a step too far even for him.

Interesting, too, that Saudi is refusing to let Khaddam in. Oh to be a fly on the wall of the King Abdullah-Bashar talks last week.

UAE should know that harbering Khaddam will make their citizens unwelcomed in Syria ,no comprimise with taiters and harbor them.

Come on, Norman, you cannot hold citizens responsible for the actions of their governments.

Khaddam might end up in the US although, as has been shown with the Shah, they tend to drop their friends once they have become useless. Which is the case.

Norman, shame on your for thinking like that! You are a shame on all syrian people, I hope not many syrians think like you.

I just imagine if it was someone from another country France or the US saying that the syrian people should be punished for something their government did ... You'd be all up in flames.

Ah the double talk.

I read yesterday that Syria at the most recent UN conference signalled they are LIKELY to let Bashar to questioned...hmm...

"UAE should know that harbering Khaddam will make their citizens unwelcomed in Syria ,no comprimise with taiters and harbor them."

If, and only if, the UAE hosts Mr. Khaddam, it will be for humanitarian reasons .. the same way it did with Benazir Boto here in Dubai.

Syria has excellent relations with the UAE and it counts on those relations for several developmental projects in Syria funded by both public and private emarati organizations.

The Syrians should and will not compromise their relations with the emaratis for the sake of the likes of Mr. Khaddam.

Anyone knows why France is trying to unload Khaddam on some other country ?

Hi Annie,

From what I understand it's by mutual consent (between France and Khaddam). They're not happy at the tone of his statements. If it goes on much longer it looks as if France has given their backing to his statements, and that'll paint them in a tight box when it comes to future talks between France and Syria.

But all speculation...

I am glad of the relation between Syria and the UAE but it should be clear that anybody who insite violence against Syria and it,s people like Khaddam and the people who harbor him are accessery to violence against the syrian people,Annie ,just remember that more than 500000 Iraqies died because of the sanctions imposed on Iraq because of weapon mass destruction which were never found the west and the brotherly arab state in the golf did not care because they were Arabs ,i do not blame the west but what about kuwait ,UAW Saudi Arabia,brothely Arab countries were essencial in the fall of Iraq,Syrians should learn from that and depend on themselves and be agresive in deffending their country with all means nessesry

I do respect your opinion, though i find it based on idealistic values and drifting away from reality as it is...

Politics is a dirty game practiced by equally dirty people who have no room for idealism, morals or nationalistic slogans..

Or else why did syria vote YES for UN's resolution to use force against its neighboring arab nation Iraq? Or the Algerians on the international query on the Hariri assassination against syria?.. the areas where morals conflict with reality are countless and endless.

Sadly its only the people (sha3b) that gets caught in the cross fire..

Thats why, i find it to be a much healthier debate if we (1) be objective in our discussions (2) be realistic and replace what we could've done with what we can do in the future (because its these kind of slogans that got us into where we are in the first place!) and (3) drop this pointing-fingers-and-blame-everyone-else-game, and lets look at our shortcomings for a change.

Because if you do [point fingers]someone will point his finger right back at ya and it will be a useless debate that leads to no where.

Apparently there should not be any problem with Khaddam living in Saudi Arabia since he has a Saudi passport.
True that politics is often an opportunistic game.

Personally, I think France should repatriate Khaddam back to Syria so that he can face the music!.. Fat chance of that happening, but wouldn't it be refreshing if he were to pay for all crimes and excesses that he and his Family have indulged in over the past 30 years or so??..
The problem is, if that were to happen, then the accuser would be as guilty as the accused!!..

I am sure Syria learned from the mistake of supporting the UN resolution against Iraq trying to win faver with the US only to find out that it was next,the other Arab countries should learn from Syria,s mistake and avoid siding with countries that want to destroy Syria ,yes it will be refreshing if France surrenders Khaddam to face his crimes and coruption charges ,pointing fingers is not enough but it is essential to learn from previos mistakes ours and others.

I must say that i was suprised that norman or any other syrian would suggest such an action aginst other arab country citizens.

I completly disagree

Then let the people tople their corupt goverments if they diagree with their attacks against syria and it,s people.

norman, your arguments are as appalling as your English.. why don't you do everyone a favor a quit blogging?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At least i am Syrian.It is time for Syria to be for Syrian interest than arab interest.

Norman, you make me laugh so much. What do you think Syria is? Like it was the emiratis who needed to work in Syria and not the opposite.

What a fucking idiot you are.

some people lack the blessing of being raised in an honourable house and they show that in their words on this site and shame their family in the proccess.i hope you mother does know what comes out of your mouth for her sake not yours.as i do not have use for you.

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