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Friday, March 09, 2007 

Priorities of the Muslim Brotherhood

This from As'ad.

Priorities of the Muslim Brotherhood.

I expressed my contempt for the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood a few days ago. Today, they made strong statements against the Jordanian government.

They said that the government is:

1) neglecting the Arabic language in some official functions;

2) encouraging students to gravitate toward pornographic websites.

These are the worries of the Muslim Brotherhood. What do you expect from an organization that was raised by the colonial powers and their clients in the region.

And the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria is the main opposition party - what hope do we have.

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hopefully, the syrian muslim brotherhood will destroy Baath, and take power in Syria.

sasa do u believe that this gang does care about the values used in the their slogans which cover them ?
i would like to ear what is hidden in your heart and not what you used to swallow in baath meetings.

sasa ,the ikhwan fought asad militias who raped the syrian women and killed 10000's of citizens.

Annon , Are you for real , you sound too young to know what kind of destruction the MB inflicted in Syria ,they are resposible for killing university teachers and other Syrian leaders just becaause of the relibon of these people , do you realy think that God likes and is going to let them in heaven for these deeds.

I know what they did, but that was a long, long time ago..... they have changed alot now, they are for a free Democratic state. It is time for Assad to face punishment for everything he has done including the assassination of Rafik Harriri. Time for the muslim brotherhood o take power and liberate the syrian people and Golan.

norman,99 % of the university students and professors killed in syria in the 80's ,were ikhwan or anti regime.
the highest number in the world...only in palmyra massacre 100's of university professors,students ,engineers and doctores were killed in less than 2 hours....
read this report it show how hafez asad targeted the syrian scientists ...


Anonymous, if the MB take the power, they won't free Golan. This has never been one of their priorities. Nor has democracy. Their alliance with Khaddam is evidence to that.

It's amazing to see people justify the Brotherhood's past crimes. I have never ever heard any of their top guys (for it's "guys" not women up there) apologise for anything that has been done in their name.

Time to topple the regime, I agree, but not to bring the criminal and anti-democratic Brotherhood in.

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