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Saturday, February 10, 2007 


Oooh, hello to the Americans dropping by from 'that' US newspaper article.

First, have a look at the status of women in Syria.

Feel free to look around. And when you're done here, if your craving for the real feelings of Syrians isn't satisfied, you must visit:

Syria Planet, it re-posts what every known Syrian blog is saying.

And have a look at Syria Comment for some of the most informed words on this beautiful country.

Don't forget - Syria wants PEACE. Syria has repeatedly asked for peace talks WITHOUT CONDITIONS with Israel and America. Why haven't we got an answer? Letters on a postcard please (or in the comments section if you can't afford a postcard).

And what about that thorny issue of democracy:

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no you don't want no peace, syria is a "terror support" country that have linked iran in purpose to kill people.

i wish that syria and iran soon will get a nice atom bomb that will stop all the evil from the islamic terror.

I love his excuse, that democracy is coming when people change. If anybody changed and spoke against his regime, he either kills him or imprison him. The rest are either afraid to speak up, or believe his lies. So, Mr. president what kind of change are you referring too.

First of all: I am so damn tired of this Syria/Iran mixing together. Syria is NOT Iran! every newspaper and every blog writes about Syria/Iran. What's wrong with you ppl? Syria is a sovereign country that serves not only its own interessts, but the whole ARAB WORLD's!
Second of all: JOZE! i am sorry to have to say that you have been brainwashed by that ignorant George W. Bush, he is the biggest terrorist and terrorism exporter on this planet! You like to come to the ME and say: the grass is greener on the other side. Maybe it is, just because you have burnt all of our grass and stolen our resources. Stop US racism Export!!
Third of all: Why drop an atomic bomb on Syria or Iran? why kill all those innocent ppl? r u such a hating person that you can kill millions of people just so you dont have to read about ME WAR in the morning-paper? go buy 'Hollywood today'!
I was the biggest USA fan before the BUSH administration. Too bad!

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