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Thursday, October 19, 2006 

Michel Kilo released

Campaigner Michel Kilo is due to be released from prison tonight.

It comes four months after he was arrested for a protest letter published in racist newspaper An-Nahar. Kilo's opponents say the campaign was backed by the Lebanese government.

10 were arrested back in May, only one remains in custody: human rights leader Anwar Al-Bunni.

Several hundred political prisoners remain in jails in Syria, one of the lowest numbers in the Arab world.

this will show that the tide is mov
October 19th, 2006

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Compel Israel into appeasing Palestinians/ Syrians

That’s apparently what the New York Times-owned Boston Globe advises in an editorial today.

The soundest way to resist the spread of Iran’s influence—which worries Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the smaller Gulf states as much as it does Israel—would be for Washington to change the status quo by shepherding Israelis and Palestinians into an end-of-conflict peace accord. Similarly, Tehran’s trouble-making reach could be curtailed, and Lebanon could be saved from having to endure another proxy war on its territory, if US diplomacy were able to guide Israel and Syria into a peace treaty.

I guess they conveniently forgot Ahamdinjad’s desite to wipe Israel off the face of the map. I doubt the Shiite regime in Iran cares that much about the Palestinians except to use them as cannon fodder.Yep..everything will be solved if it wasn’t for those Israelis..sounds eerily familiar.

Ed Lasky 10 19 06

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ing toward Syria,s position,

This is interesting,
Bring it on! It is time to roll back Iranian/Persian imperialism. Iraq and Syria, backed by the Arab states, Turkey, and Russia are just the ones to do it. As for Israel, it will probably align with the US and Iran (because Israel, like them, backs the Kurds), which is no loss to the Iraqi/Syrian coalition.

In other words, disregard the current bloodletting in Iraq. The main event is about to begin. The Middle East is waiting to see what the US congressional Iraq Study Group, chaired by Jim Baker, will recommend in its final report.

Before we turn to his report, it is important to note first that the conventional wisdom is wrong that suggests a failure of US policy in Iraq. On the contrary, US policy has produced exactly what could be expected from the turmoil associated with regime change in Iraq and the elimination of Iraq's central government and security institutions. First, Iran has lurched into full scale civil war that is fueled by internal discontent and by Iraqs neighbors, especially Imperial Iran.

Second, US policy in Iraq has boosted Iran to become the dominant power in the region. With minimal US resistance, Iran is now moving ahead to annex southeastern Iraq and the port city of Basra; terminate the Middle East peace process via support for Hezbollah and Hamas; and develop nuclear weapons.

In the face of Iran's dominance of the Middle East, what change of course for US policy in Iraq will Baker then recommend in his November 7 report?

US media are now reporting one of Bakers main recommendations will be for the US to promote more involvement in Iraq by Syria and Iran (see - US panel to propose a policy U-turn" Times Online, 17 October 06). As we know, Iran is already heavily involved in Iraq's internal affairs and is now moving to annex southeastern Iraq, with US acquiescence. Iran has also armed and trained the Badr Brigades, an Iraqi Shiite militia under Iran's direct control that has infiltrated the upper echelons of Iraqs security forces, again with US acquiescence.

While the US has encouraged a strong Iranian presence in Iraq, as well as US power sharing with the pro-Iran and pro-Iraqi partition SCIRI party, the US has, until now, discouraged Syrian support for Iraq's Sunni's and for Muqtada al-Sadr, an Iraqi militia leader who is anti-Iran and in favor of preserving a unified Iraqi state.

Syria's low profile in Iraq is about to change, thanks to Jim Baker and the report of the Iraq study group. In other words, the Real War between Syria and Iran for control of Iraq is about to begin (see Iran-Watch.com for assessments on Syrian-Iranian conflict in Iraq).

Who will win? That's easy. Syria and its allies - the new Iraqi government under Prime Minister al-Maliki, Turkey, the Sunni states, and Russia - will prevail in Iraq. Iran and its Kurdish allies will lose. Syria will prevail because it has a superior leadership, when Assad is compared to Ahmadinejad, who is a Nazi and a mystic. Syria will prevail because it is fighting for a superior cause, the preservation of Iraq as a unified state versus Iran's imperial ambitions. Syria will prevail because it is fighting for what the Iraqi people want, the preservation of Iraq's territorial integrity, whereas Iran is supported only by a minority of Shia who are loyal to Tehran. Finally, Syria will prevail because it has the support of Iraq's neighbors, with the exception of Iran. In contrast, Iran has no allies for its annexation of southeastern Iraq, unless you count the United States.

In short, the best thing Jim Baker's Iraq study group could do is call for Syrian intervention in Iraq. In one stroke Baker would correct President Bush's horrendous pro-Iranian mistakes in Iraq, would direct Iraq and the region in the direction of stability, and would inflict a significant blow on Iran and its pretensions to empire.

By Scott Sullivan

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