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Friday, December 02, 2005 

Mehlis slams Syria after his star witness revokes his evidence

In an astonishing political display, UN Investigator Detlev Mehlis has hurled abuse at Syria after his star witness 'Hossam' denied his evidence live on Syrian TV.

He blamed...SYRIA! He accused Syria of getting involved in Eastern European propoganda. And he denied that Hossam was his main witness.

Hossam was the only Syrian who fingered Syria - he was a Kurdish Syrian Intelligence officer who said that Syria bought the weapons for the Hariri murder.

But he now claims he was bribed by Saad Al-Hariri. During the Lebanese election campaign Hariri also faced bribery claims - many of his opponents withdrew from the election and Hariri run completely unopposed in Beirut!

Syria Comment's Josh Landis reports some interesting nuances pointing to the authenticity of Hossam's TV appaerance. If it was a staged performance, why would Syria make Hossam talk about the 'Alawi government' - a massive taboo in Syria.

Mehles rampage showed his bias toward the investigation which built on rumers and gassup,Syria should continue the investigation on it,s own and produce arrest warents for Lebanese involved in the misleading of the investigation and for crimes against the Syrian people for the people envolved to be arrested any place

yes yes syria should continue the investigation and produce arrest warents for all the people who mislead the investigation (once it catches them it should hold press conferences for them and treat them like heros, just like it did with hussam) also it should chanrge them for crimes against the Syrian people also it can chanrge them for being followers or satans if it turns out no crimes were commited against Syrian people, god forbids its own investigation should try to find whol killed raffic Hariri because you know that would be the logical way to prove Syria is innocent!
Then again who cares about logic if we can conspiracy theories!

Just as a side note if the syrian mukhabarat buffon who testified to the commity turned out to be a liar how does that make Mehlis the bad guy? Oh wait it doesn't matter, instead of thinking we can just keep bashing.

A good invesitgater will depend on physical evidence like the explosives ,where did they come from and how did syria know the security of MR Hareri,s car or the reason that he went that way that day ,how did Syria get a car smugled and stolen from Japan and why would they chose acar which will get attention because of the wheel being on the right not the left all thes qwestions went unanswerd ,syria would be better off calling the american FBI to investigate.at least they will have a better investigation.then may be will know the truth and how MR Harreri died and by who.

i hope that the syrian regime will not kill hosam hosam and then say that it was a suicide.
his familly and himself are in danger.

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