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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

Anonymous leaflets in Sidon, Lebanon attack bashar - question his Arabism

Leaflets have been distrbuted in Southern Lebanon, shcoked at Bashar's speech, and questioning how Bashar can claim to be the upholder of Arabism: "To Your Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad we say: you stunned us with your speech - we expected you to pay your respects to the Lebanese people for the catastrophe that hit them but here is an offensive, fake, libellous speech which turns the victim into the torturer."

The leaflet makes many references to the resistance of the Southern Lebanese against the Israeli occupation, and asks how Bashar has resisted Israel: "What's your position on the Golan, where there hasn't been a single shot fired since 1972?"

They refute that Lebanon will be 'the centre for conspiracies against the Arab causes,' but they ask what Bashar has done for those causes.

It goes on...

"You demanded an investigation into the assassination of Yasser Arafat, but you forgot what you did to him and to the Palestinian cause?"

"How do you understand Arabism? Is Arabism by closing the borders," between Lebanon and Syria?

It ends: "We, the Lebanese, are the resistance, we are Arabism. We are sure that Israel and the US is our enemy - no one should claim they are more Arab than the Lebanese."

The lebanese of the corupt future party and Hareeri who robbed Lebanon of billions of dollars are behind these baseless acusation of Syria ,it is the Hizballa resistat with the help of Syria in spite of the objections of the weak sunnies and christians who wanted compromise and surrender who was behind the liberation of south Lebanon and now they want to take credit and insult Syria ,Syria who sacrified more than 14000 of it,skids to save Lebanon ,what a dicrase,and for closing the border Lebanon through election chose a goverment who elected to be an agent and a conduit for attacks against syria ,for that they bear the consecuances,and if they think that economic sanction against Syria will go unanswered they are mistaken syria learned from the iraqi experience that sanctions are to weaken syria before destroying her and the only way to prevent that is to make it clear that syria will go the offensive and everybody will suffer not only Syria,And that is what Bashar made clear,i am proud of him he put the west on the deffensive.

I want to add somthing about Arafat ,his contribution to palestenian cause was dismal ,with the Oslo accord israel was axcepted in arab countries icreased the settement in the west bank from tens of thousands to more then 400000 which changed the realities on the ground to the point that the Us for the first time admitted that evacuation of so many people will not be realistic all that and he got nothing for the palestenians,yes that is the legacy of Arafat who helped Israel more than his people,Syria is right to treat Arafat the way it did ,and what he did in Lebanon siding with one side against another hoping for a setlment in Lebanon should wake up everybody in lebanon about Arafat,the Golan is qwiet because there is diengagment agreement with Israel on this point I agree with the leaflet the only languege Israel understand is force they left south Lebanon and Gazza because of that.

I do like this idea of anonymous leaflets-anyone fancy handing a few out in Syria-I dont meen the same ones of course buy hey Syrians why not write down your thoughts and dish out a few?

norman, you're really full of hatred, give your heart some clarity...

why are you focusing so much on Lebanon and whether or nor it is following Arabism?

can't you see that 3 Arab nations have FULL diplomatic relationships with Israel? EGYPT - JORDAN - MAURITANIA

can't you see that 6 other Arab nations engaged Israel in diplomatic/economic negotiations?

what arabism, which arabs, what are you talking about?

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