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Monday, July 17, 2006 

Syria warns Israel

Syria has promised a "harsh and direct response" if Israel attacks it.

Yesterday Iran threatened retaliation if Israel hit Syria. Israel attacked the border post - and both Syria and Israel were very quick to say that nothing landed in Syrian territory.

It is clear that neither Syria or Israel want this crisis to spread.

I really do not understand Syria, except it has one of the oldest sites of civilization, so it must have had its own Prophet, Abraham? visit its territory in the distant past long long before Muhammed.

Politics is a waste of time, and now religion is so closely married to poltiical ambitions, the priests and imams might as well be political parties.

All roads, the bloggers I read have read; lead to Iran. If the bloggers say this, then this fact is too obvious and should be a part of history. Something more important is already forming....who can guess what it is? In the meantime, Hizbollah would be well advised to adapt a low profile in the countryside and watch what Israel does.

Iran want to control Syria.
Hizbbola use syria. - and for what? . what is it good for?
Syria should not support terorist -this will bring war on syria. The israeli army is very strong and u.s support israel - they are very strong. Syria should try to make peace with israel. A war will not solve anything.

Syria will fight Israel until the last lebanese standing!

If Syria is attacked by Israel, and she defends herself, she is right to do so. I have heard Ehud Olmert's speech, and he says that Israel was defending herself from outside attack. Well, if this is the logic that we are to go by, then it should follow that if Syria (outside the conflict) is attacked, then she has the right to defend herself.

Another point. Three soldiers were kidnapped. Three men. and more than fifty times that many people, have been killed by this conflict. Does it make sense? I should really be typing this on an Israeli blog. While yes it is horrible that anyone was kidnapped at all, this kind of harsh attack by Israel is making me think of World War 2 when Germans and allies were bombing each other with such ferocity. And the events that triggered those bombings were much more than three men being kidnapped. Maybe this is akin to Franz Ferdinand being assassinated, right before World War One. I certainly hope not, but the response from Israel about it, makes it seem that way.

Syria I am in solidarity with you, but may I make a suggestion that you point out to Hizbollah the trouble they are causing you, since everyone thinks you are with them, even if it's not true.

Lebanon I am crying for you.

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