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Saturday, August 11, 2007 

Iraqi refugees tortured in Jordan

"So it’s becoming a bigger story now on the blogosphere, Iraqis in a prison at the Queen Alia Airport, where they are interrogated for hours, whipped by the evil Jordanians, then put in a cage with lions and those who are lucky enough to survive the ordeal are sent back to Iraq to die.
Most have rushed to the defense of Iraqis, which is fine. But I am surprised that no one even bothered looking at it from the Jordanian angle.
They don’t live in refugee camps they live in urban areas, predominantly the capital Amman, which is home to about 2.3 million Jordanians. In other words, nearly one third of the city is Iraqi.
Food prices have gone up. ... Not to mention the burden on other infrastructure that includes sewage, waste disposal, health, education, roads, government services and yes, our security apparatus.
The influx of Iraqis has virtually destroyed any hope of the average Jordanian becoming a home owner."

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is he an apologist of what happened to the Iraqis?
his post is quiet tricky.

My my, I never thought of it that way. Shame on those Iraqi's running away from a hell hole and making life uncomfortable for the Jordanians. Everything was peachy for Jordan before they arrived wasn't it? Their playstation king propped up by an American backed intelligence service that doesn't even answer to him.

The situation is the same in Syria - except there are no reports of torture -but what do you expect Iraqis to do ? Where do they go ? Only Arab countries are hospitable.

Annie, i would like to know what do you mean by "the situation is the same in Syria"; i haven't heard of any similar practices, i would like to know if you know some.

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