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Thursday, August 30, 2007 

Hariri finds a new puppet

Now that Amin Gemayel has been thoroughly defeated, Hariri has turned his attentions to this man: Boutros Harb (that's Peter War in English).

Harb is a Hariri MP, and says he is a consensus candidate - which is laughable, because he also says he wants to disarm Hizbollah. That's further even than Gemayel went.

"We need to consecrate the principle of the state holding a monopoly on arms while not disavowing the sacrifices of the Resistance [Hizbollah]" he said. And he wants an "historic reconciliation with Syria".

Harb is the second man to announce his candidacy for president (despite AP's mistake) - Michel Aoun, former warlord and anti-Syrian crusader, turned Hizbollah ally, also says he can lead Lebanon.

The current president, Emile Lahoud, says that if no candidate is agreed upon by the time he leaves office on November 23, he will set up an interim government led by Army Commander Michel Suleiman (there are many precedents for this). The country would then be led by two governments.

Guterres also said Syria deserved the recognition and support of the international community — regardless of how its policies on political matters may be perceived.

"Independently of what one might think about Syria's policy ... one thing is true: In relation to the refugees in Iraq, Syria has been the most constructive and positive country, and this needs to be recognized and this needs to have the expression of solidarity," Guterres said.

Guterres painted a dire picture of the plight of those remaining in Iraq.

"To be honest, sometimes we don't how they can survive," he said.


Harb was always one of the less controversial and more wise figures, why are you trying to paint over that?!

This whole *Good/Evil* duality ur having here can turn against you u know.. ;)

I'm just painting it as I see it Yazan.

Saying you want to disarm Hizbollah is far from controversial Yazan, even if he did mask it in words like saying 'we need to acknowledge their sacrifice'.

If you think he is a man that can be accepted by the broad spectrum of Lebanese opinion, please show me how.

I didn't paint anyone as good and anyone as evil. I simply showed him - as with almost all Lebanese politicians - to be polarising and to be playing a sectarian game.

And I don't quite understand what you mean by it can turn against me Yazan?

Hey sasa, dont you agree that the ARMY should be the only sole entity in any country to bear ARMS...

If you believe differently, then you are kidding yourself..

Hizbollah bearing arms is the BIGGEST ISSUE in Lebanon,
and of course the upcoming presidential elections, thats if SYRIA doesnt interfere in these elections, but I find that hard to believe.

Don't you think the 'army' should also be the one protecting the country when it is attacked by Israel? That the army should be launching operations to free Lebanese prisoners and that 'it' should be the one fighting for the Shebaa farms. Or is your army only to be used against refugee camps?

Wassim, is the Syrian army doing what you require from the lebanese army!!! or it is just great to use the neighbors resources!!!!

If you think that the Syrian army is doing a great job in liberating the Golan then show me how or like you said (about the lebanese army with the refugees) it is only there to crush the people of Syria.

BTW Sasa should rename his site to Baath Useless News.

Great reply anonymous..
Could not have said it any better..

I am waiting for WASSIM to answer the question,

Is the Syrian army doing everything to liberate the Golan heights, or is it using HIZBULLAH and the blood of the Lebanese people for Israel to back down and enter into talks for the return of the Golan..

I am sick to death on the arrogance of the Syrians when it comes to praising resistance groups on fighting Israel, and yet their own army dont even shed their own sweat and tears for the return of the Golan..

We know what the Syrian army is good for..
Murder and torture....

Baath useless news--- PERFECT...

SASA says,

Harb is a Hariri MP, and says he is a consensus candidate - which is laughable,because he also says he wants to disarm Hizbollah. That's further even than Gemayel went.

Whats wrong with disarming hizbullah..

How about Syria having a militia that is armed to the teeth and is practically a state within a state, and see HOW YOU ALL REACT TO THIS SCENARIO..

Its ok to be defending Hizbollah, but you must get used to the fact that the MAJORITY of all Lebanese in Lebanon and abroad are sick to death of Hizbollah bearing arms..

We dont give a rats toss wether you think HA should not be disarmed..

And your president must resign to the fact for the first time he wont be able to choose A PRESIDENT TO HIS OWN LIKING, much like his puppet, EMILE LAHOUD.

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