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Tuesday, May 22, 2007 

Ceasefire hopes, amid humanitarian crisis in Lebanon

Fateh Al Islam has accepted a government offer of a ceasefire.

They say they will stop attacks if the army does not attack them. The army has responded by saying they never fire first.

Humanitarian organisations say it's vital to have a break in fighting to get food and water to the 40,000 refugees trapped inside the camp.

Residents say there are dead bodies all over the streets, and wounded people are also lying on the roads, unable to get help. No-one can leave the camp because the soldiers have blocked the entrances.

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Apparently the Lebanese security forces started the attack against Fath Alislam ,
Could the visit of MR welsh have anything to do with that.?.

Great conspiracy norman, but that doesnt even deserve a reply..

Much the same that whenever the tribunal is about to be set up, ministers loyal to syria resign, and then all this trouble with fatah al-islam, when a new draft was being circulated in the UN last week...

Its strange how the leader of fatah-al islam only spent 3-4 years in a syrian jail for terrorism charges and also wanted in jordan for murder, but only recently political activists in syria were jailed for 5 years..

It just doesnt add up...
But then thats justice in Syria..
One rule for the TERRORISTS, and one rule for FREE SPEECH....

Way to go ASSAD......
Great leadership...

Is Symour Hersch in the US like Galloway in UK? a supporter of terrorists?

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