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Tuesday, January 16, 2007 

The 'Golan agreement' - what does it mean

If it is ever confirmed, this is what Israel and Syria appear to have agreed:

- Israel will withdraw to the 1967 border, and Israel will recognise Syrian sovereignty over the area

- There will be a peace treaty between Israel and Syria

- The Golan Heights will be demilitarised, with only a limited Syrian police force there

- Syria will establish an embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel will establish an embassy in Damascus

- An American advance warning radar station will be operated in the Syrian Golan Heights

- The Golan Heights will be de-populated (all Israeli settlers, and all Syrian Golan residents - who have been living under Israeli occupation - will leave the Golan)

- The Golan Heights will be a national park - operated by Syria - with Israeli residents allowed to enter without a visa (but that doesn't mean Israeli residents will be able to cross over the Golan into the rest of Syria)

- The park will only be open during daylight hours

- The Golan Heights will be a no-fly zone, Syria and Israel will need permission to fly over the area

Sasa, not all the Golan will be a park but agreed upon part only and inhibitants will not be removed ,That is what i understand.

This is a horse shit agreement. Syria should not have to give up anything or recognize the Zionist enemy as even human. The Golan should be given back unilaterally, and the Zionist occupiers removed from the world. The Syrians should not have to move from the Golan; they should be able to move BACK IN to the Golan. There should be NO American ANYTHING system in the Golan, and Syria should be allowed to fly over IT'S OWN territory!

I vote to Anonymous to be our future president lol

The Zionist state does tend to manipulate history, facts with tremonologies..i agree with you Anon..

As for this claim of treaty, hmmm, even if it is true…


and Israelis wondering around??

This is a dream, that will never come true.


Syria has to decide between peace with condition that will give Israel the water it needs and with peace that will give back the Golan to 1967 border the jenoerous Syria will give the water that Israel needs without hesitation as Syria never bombed Israeli cities even when Israel attacked Damascus during the 1973 war and Syria will always help others as it did to the Iraqies ,the Palestinians and the Lebanese ,The option for Syria is to prepare for a long term war ,If Syria does not show Israel that it is ready to fight for the Golan and act on that notion then Syria is better of making a deal and keeping the future for the next generation ,we should remember that the crusaders stayed in the midleast for more than a 100 year and had many peace treaties with Arabs but when the the Arabs and Moslems became strong they pushed the Crusades to where they came from the west.

Do we get the Golan all full packed with settlers included or just with our Golani?

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