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Sunday, November 12, 2006 

Bush considers talks with Syria

"Nothing is off the table. All the options will be considered." That's the White House's Chief of Staff, Josh Bolten, a close aide to President Bush.

It comes as James Baker (a close friend of the Bush family, and the man he sent to Iraq to find a way out of the mess) prepares to tell Bush to talk to Syria. This week UK Prime Minister Tony Blair will tell Bush to open talks with Syria - his top diplomat has just returned from Damascus, where he visited Bashar to find out whether he was serious about peace - Blair's actions suggest he got an answer.

It also comes as the European Parliament recommends the EU ratify the EU-Syria Association Agrrement, a vital tool to open up trade between the two areas - it would create a free trade area, and would really help Syria liberalise its economy.

The past few weeks have seen a flurry of flights into Damascus carrying European Foreign Ministers.

Welcome back Syria.

Syrians should be proud of their goverment , if we look at the midleast in the last three years we see Iraq in a war ,terror attacks in Egypt ,Jordon and Saudi Arabia ,Syria was saved from an American attack by making the US army busy in Iraq then when the presure mounted against Syria's presence in Lebanon and a plan was underway to destroy the Syrian army and Syria and to do to Syria what they did to Iraq after the invasion of Kuwait,Asad was smarter he left to fight another day ,now comes that day ,any time soon the US will be begging for Syria's help in Iraq ,that is the time for Syria to get the Golan hights in return and get the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

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