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Sunday, July 23, 2006 

SNAP: Syrian Army will fight Israel

Syria's Information Minister Mohsen Bilal says Syria will join the war if Israel invades Lebanon and its troops approach Syria.

"If Israel invades Lebanon over ground and comes near to us, Syria will not sit tight. She will join the conflict," he said.

I sure hope that Syria want to exist in 2007 too...

syria's warning could probably mean that israeli forces will do what they are infamous for and launch yet another pre-emptive air-strike/surprise attack on syria to knock out syria BEFORE invading lebanon enmass...

also there are reports that hezbollah captured the two israeli soldiers INSIDE lebanon and not in israel as the israelis reported . can anyone comment on this claim ?

photos of some the corpses of lebanon's civilians show horribly burnt flesh but clothing intact--like the victims in fallujah , iraq of american military's chemical attack on civilians by using white phosphorus...more war crimes by america and israel

Its not really an issue of syria trying to exist in 2007. Syria, Iran and hezbollah will work together, and with the s only hezbollah has caused already, israel will probably have many more casualties. Also, world support for israel is very low, and public opinion matters. i read an article in the malaysian sun saying the israeli soldiers were captured in lebanon. check for that you'll probably find it.ultimately, it could turn into another iraq, with israeli troops boggled down in serious urban battle. the problem US and israel hae in the middle east is that people in that region are realizing what they are about(often oil, territory, dictatorial alliances etc), and their support in the region is very bad. The middle east is owned and run by arabs and muslims. once US and israel realize that, and start being more fair towards people, then things will improve. i live in america, and i like the lesson israel is learning from hezbollah.even support for the war in israel is waning, but you will probably hear of that more seriously weeks from now because they are trying to look strong. hezbollah will be declared victor of the whole nonsense because they took on an imperial middle east power that felt invincible, caused casualties, drew them into ing civilians, and turned world opinion against them. what a "hezbollic gambit". israel got sucked in, and will pay the price one day for the and destruction in lebanon. they will definitely pay.

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