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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 

Israeli warplanes enter Syria

Israeli warplanes have entered Syria and flown over the Presidential Palace in Latakia.

Syrian air defences fired at the jets.

It comes after an Israeli soldier was kidnapped by Palestinian militants. Without a shred of evidence that Damascus even had knowledge of the snatch, Israel has taken agressive action against Syria. Even Israel doesn't know who took their soldier.

The fact that they 'buzzed' the palace, and took no further action, underlines the fact that Israel isn't sure who is behind the kidnapping, who is to blame, or who can be attacked. So why not find a handy scapegoat.

Syria and Israel have had a thirty-year long de facto truce, but behaviour like this threatens to destroy that.

In 2003 Israeli jets did the same, smashing windows. A few months later, they bombed a suburb of Damascus.

Lebanon, which is often the victim of Israeli 'buzzing' operations over its cities has criticised the attack on Syria. Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said: "This action is condemned. We condemn violation of any Arab country's airspace."

AP copy headlines this story as "Syria fires on Israeli jets" - why is the world's news agency (the Associated Press) framing Syria as the agressor when Israel has invaded Syrian airspace?

It is time for Syria to understand that Israel will not undrstand except force ,it is time for Syrian airplanes to buzz over Israel cities as Syria did between 1967 and 1973 Israel can not tolerate long term war may be the coward gulf states will wake up.

norman how were you able to resist a jab a seniora?

In all cases, syrian planes over israel, yea sure ?
Let them fly over the Golan first, maybe use some force where it is already your legal and moral right to use force after that people will take the threats of flying over israel a bit more seriously ...


TAC, I agree with you.

quote from Voltaire net
"Hamas has for a long time strayed from its original Charter and affirmed its will to recognize Israel subject to reciprocity. The mutual recognition on ’67 borders would involove the end of the armed struggle, without meaning the renouncement of all the claims."
Every time Arabs take a step towards peace, Israel attacks; remember the Beyrouth summit in 2002 and what followed. It does not want peace

God bless you annie .

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