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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 

Has the Lebanese family feud spilled into Damascus?

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Omar Karami has been forced to deny that he's leading a new opposition party from Syria.

It comes along with accusations that his group is controlled by Syria. His 'National Front' group claims to be the real representative of the Lebanese people:

"The front is made up of national figures who did not come to the national field in parachutes but were the result of struggles, sacrifices, principles and martyrs."

He slammed Siniora for breaking all of his promises, and achieving nothing. And he - along with many Lebanese - are angry at Siniora's inevitable visit to Washington to hug George W. Bush:

"We welcome any means to recover our land but not at the expense of handing our will and independence to any foreign force."

Karami seems to be working closely with Aoun. And we've seen an increasingly strong Aoun-Hizbollah partnership build up over the past few months. So are we seeing the emergence of a Sunni-Christian-Shia axis that could steal power away from Hariri?

At last some Lebanese decided not to be intimidated and to declare their Arab stand aginst the seller of Lebanon,Hareri,Jumblat ,Gaagaa now they should be ready to be called pro syria as if that is not an hounor when only Syria stands for Arab nationalism they need to fight back and call the enemies of Arab nationaalism for what they are traiters a nd murderers of Tony Frangeie and Rasheed Karami and many Lebanese whose faults was only that they are christian or muslems ,these people do not deserve to be leaders of Lebanon.

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