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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 

Syria admits it has received UN request

Syria now admits it has received a UN request to interview President Bashar Al-Assad and Foreign Minister Farouq Ash-Sharaa.

Until now, they had been denying that they received an official request. The demand was made public by the UN yesterday.

When the commission asked - far more informally - to meet Bashar last year, Syrian judges refused, saying it would amount to an attack on Syria's sovereignty.

Syria has not said how it will respond to the demand, but they are saying that the interview request is a direct result of Khaddam's bombshell on Friday. The former Vice Presdient of Syria claimed Bashar threatened Rafiq Al-Hariri.

norman, can you please explain to me why the lies?


In the US the police can not meeat anybody who does not want to meet with them should do the refuse what they are planing for Syria has nothing to do with legal proceedings and all to do with making Syria kneel to the will of Israel and the west plan for the middle east,it is time for Syria tofight back this not a legal investigation it is an attempt to destroy Syria,s Arabic stand,look at Iran it is refusing coperation and the west is lost on what to do ,Syria should fight back no country with any dignity will allow questioning of it leaders .

The President could give an interview here, in Damascus, on his own turf. We know he is innocent and has nothing to fear from the truth.
It would be the less humiliating solution.
There is not much choice.

Annie ,I wish i had the same faith that you have in the international system of justice,when Syria agrees to what they want they will ask for more like what happend in Iraq ,the only reason that they agreed to intervew the Syrian officers outside the middle east was because of president Asad harsh words and what he said makes now more sence than ever they want Syria to kill itself so they can control it ,after the president says things on the record then they will claim that he is a lier which will colaps the Syrian political system and destroy the contry,i say again it is time to stand up to the saudies and the american who i think are behind the sean moving to appease the islamist by changing Syria from a secular country to a country run by paid for represenatives like Lebanon,where another plan is in the work which is to change Lebanon to a constitutional presidency with the christian president has no power all that is appease the Islamist and their freinds in Saudi Arabia ,remember few month ago the kings of Saudi arabia and Jordan complained about the rise of the shea in iraq and the conection between Hizballa ,Syria, Iraq and Iran and what we see is America,s rewards to Saudi Arabia a chang in Syria and disarming of Hizballa.so palamentenian paid for will be in power .

That's dodging the question.
I understand why syria does not want Assad questionned, my question is why the lies?
Why pretend they never received the request?

They did not lie Because they did not at that time ,DA.

Excellent, love it!

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