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Sunday, January 01, 2006 

Khaddam: the backlash begins

Syria's parliament spent most of yesterday condemning Khaddam's revelations. Some parliamentarians called for him to be tried for treason.

It is, of course, all to be expected.

But this wasn't: a popular backlash against Syria's former Vice President. 'Front Bumper', a blogger from Lattakia* - whose posts are rarely political - felt impelled to write:

"1970: Haffez Assad comes to power after a military coup. Khaddam is there.

1978-1986: Massive raids and strikes and arrests against ALL political factions of Syria, from the very very Left to the very very Right wingers. Syria having its WORST days regarding individual/public freedoms since the Ottoman occupation. of course he was here. serving us his best!

1986-mid 1990s: Syria having its WORST economic situation since the Ottomans. Of course he was here STARVING with the people, and waiting in line for a piece of bread.

2001: a crack down of newly emerging political freedoms that resulted in the arrest of Damascus Spring symbols...among them MP Riyad Seif, Professor Aaref Dalileh, MP Maamoun Al-Homsi. Of course, he was lecturing about democracy then.

Murderers like Khaddam make the News...No Mr. Khaddam, you're not a part of this Nation...and you're no better than any of the regime left here, if not WORSE than most of them...you're of those people who cold bloodedly bombed a CITY...a Syrian City with Syrian INNOCENT ppl living there...Hama"

*The villages around Lattakia are, of course, an Allawi stronghold.

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