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Monday, December 12, 2005 

Leak: Syria extensively blamed for Hariri killing, lots of evidence

Detlev Mehlis's final report will claim that Syria killed Hariri.

It will provide more evidence than the previous report (Mehlis denies that the previous report is flawed because the central witness withdrew his testimony), as well as claims that Syria failed to co-operate.

Given the politicisation of the Mehlis investigation, and the political maneouvering of the neutral investigator, many will ask whether his words were - this time - inspired by malice.

Thank you for your time and effort into this site. I would like to ask what sources you have for this leak. we can only hope for the best at this point.

Thank you, best wishes,


Hi Yaman, it came from colleagues at the UN.

Apparently Mehles did his job and reached the concusion they have set for him to blame Syria then the do to Syria what they did to Iraq but Syria should fight now after what we saw happend in Iraq ,after 12 years of devestating sanctions they attacked and destroyed Iraq ,syria sould make it clear that sanctions will not only affect syria but will affect Lebanon Jordan and Iraq and any attempt at destabelising Syria will destabelise Lebanon and Iraq ,the only languege they undestand is resistance.

Syria should learn from Iran,s stand toward the west ,every time they threaten to reffere Iran,s case to the UN security consult Iran threatens them with oil embargo they answer by retreat ,that is what Syria should do .fight back,Arabs are tired of retreats by Arab goverments.

Apparently Mehlis did his job, and reached the conclusion any sane person looking for the truth would have reached given the facts in this case.

But Syria should fight now after the truth is starting to show, after 15 years of occupying and robbing Lebanon syria should make it clear that any sanctions will not only affect syria but will affect Lebanon too, and any attempts at destabelising Suria will destabilise Lebanon and iraq, actually it should preemptivly start destabilising Lebanon just to make sure the whole world known what it can do.

It should assasinate a couple of Lebanese political figures that do not agree with its views to show the whole world it will resist cause that's the only language they understand.

Greatideas norman, as you see, you are our inspiration.

And the sun travele around the earth ,don,t you see it comes in the east and sets in the west ,look behind the obvious.

it's either that or a great conspiracy against syria by the gods of night and day and hidden pupermaster of the universe to make look like the sun is orbiting the earth.

try to realise not everything is a conspiracy theory.

killing tweeny will not benifit Syria actualy will hurt her ,where is the motive,christians are being killed in Lebanon one after another to chang Lebanon to a constitutional democracy where the christian president has no say in the affair of the country which is ruled by the suuny as a payoff to the Sauidis,wake up please lebanese.that is why they are fighting Aoun who wants to be president and can stop their plans.

> killing tweeny will not benifit
> Syria actualy will hurt her

Flawed logic, two responses to that (which do nothing to indicate if syria did it or not).

One, you can say that about any any murderer, the murder does not benefit the murderer if he gets cought, however if the murderer can get away with it ,(which is what syria is trying to do) -eg murder of kamal jumblat or rene mouawad- then syria does benefit.

Two Even if syria did it and gets caught and gets punished that still does not prove syria did not benefit (none of knows can compare what whould have happened if he had not been murdered) maybe syria would have been punished the same way because of Haririanyway in that case Syria has benefitted by having gotten the same punishement and while getting rid of its most vocal opponent in Lebanon.

I hope that's good enough answer, just for the sake of the argument :-)

> where is the motive
Various possibilities:
Revenge , fear of opposing journalism and media , intimidation of opposition in Lebanon, causeing unstability in the area to prove a point , plain habit ...
Tweini himself said he has received threats (a death list with his name on it) from syrian moukhabarat figures!

> christians are being killed
> in Lebanon one after another
> to chang Lebanon to a constitutional
> democracy where the christian
> president has no say in the
> affair of the country

Well in that case they have been killing the wrong sect of christians! Not only that but all of the people killed have been demanding that christian president
steps down ...

But I already know the flaw in my reasonning... not enough conspiracy thinking in my logic .. you have to kill your brothers in arm, the people fighting for the same cause you have , just so you can blame your ennemy for killing your friends ...
sure sure ... as long as I keep looking beyond the obvious.

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