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Tuesday, August 02, 2005 

Galloway's speech

Galloway's finished ranting at the Al-Assad library in Damascus.

He praised Syria's stance against (Western) hegemony in the region. He said it stood for justice and international resolutions.

On Lebanon, he said that Syria had ended the Civil War, and when it threatened to leave, even those who used to opposed its presence demanded it stay.

He blamed terrorism on the existence of a single superpower, with unrestrained power: the US. "How do we expect that those whose land is occupied and relatives being killed would not resist and fight those who occupy their land and kill their people?" He said. He called for a distiniction between terrorism and resistance to occupation (that's particularly important because Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa has finally conceeded to Kofi Annan that there is no difference: killing civilians is terrorism EVEN IF it's in the name of freedom fighting).

He called on the world to stand by the Palestinian and Iraqi victims of terrorism.

He claims that dialogue will ('will', not 'should'!) replace wars, terrorism and occupation.

There you go, rant over.

Sasa... "Rant"? You're confusing, my friend.

I have no respect got Galloway, he used the issue of Iraq to get into in the good books with muslim leaders in the UK - little does everyone remember that he was pro-saddam during the saddam days...

yes yes i know he denies this.. but regardless.. he is a twat, even his wife has little respect for him!!

He wasn't anti-Saddam to get into the good books with Zionist leaders.

amazing,some arabs prefer bush who abuses the arabs everytime he has a chance to gallaway who speaks the truth and and supports arab causes ,should he speak ill of the arabs to earn our respect,he will propably get more respect from the western media if he does that,terror is the weak response to the powerfull untill international law rules.

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