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Thursday, July 28, 2005 

Bashar to go on holiday with Israelis

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad will spend his holiday in the Turkish resorts of Antalyia and Bodrum - two of the most popular places for Israelis to spend their time.

Israeli officials are so disgusted that their holidays might be polluted by the sight of Arab skin that they're demanding that Turkey block Assad's visit. But it's not that simple - the holiday's taking place after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan invited Assad and his pop-star-like wife Asma.

The holiday comes after a warming of the relationship between the two countries - just 7 years ago, the neighbours were preparing to go to war.

But the US has shown its true colours. Its anger with Syria has nothing to do with Iraq. It doesn't care about the demonstrators in Beirut. What it really wants is to 'do an Arafat' - isolate then die:

"Al-Asad should be isolated. You are the only country reaching out to the Syrian president, who supports terrorism. Anyone who damages al-Asad's isolation harms US interests," said a US official.

Invite Ariel Sharon to the vacation....see if Assad still goes.

Sorry, but most of the current religious problems with Islam lie in the Arab countries who have used Islam to confine their peoples to a 7th century treatment of the citizenry...thus leading to "disenfranchisement and below standard" living, which breeds resentment of the rest of the world. This is all being done in the name of Islam. Sorry, but Islam has major problems, and most of the issue has to do with the fact that it has been used as a tool to both repress people, and keep power for the rulers.

What the fuck? This blog has nothing to do with Islam. It is totally secular. Take your discussions of religion somewhere else.

Assad should go anywhere he wants ,having Israelies there sould not be an obstcle in the US we go to the Arabs ,Jews ,hispanic and wasp,Syria has no religous schools christian and other minorities live as equal the 9/11/2001 hijackers are from sauidiarabia and egypt religous schools are widespread in these countries ,our goverment calls Syria(terrorist state)while support sauidi egyptian and jordanian goverment somtime you wonder if our governent is working for the safty of our soldjers in Iraq ,we should work with Syria to stabelize Iraq and protect our back syria secular system is the natural and logical freind in the war on terror not the other goverment in the middleast.

anon -- hilarious.

100% incorrect.

Hizbullah is a KNOWN terror group. amd Syria harbors Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other well known groups that practice terror.

Get em out of Damascus, and then we can talk about "leaving Syria alone..."

If it was not for hizballa Israel would be still in Lebanon that is not terror that is freedomfighting Hamas and islamic jihad have simmiler objectiv and when Israel leave the west bank and gazza then israel will have peace short term israel is stronger than syria but long term israel will not have afuture this is the time that israel should take advantage of and acheiv peace long term Israel future is simmeler to the Crussades,they left after 200 years.

peace is upon our faithful leaders listen not to contentious men search for freedom love your brothers and sisters have no fear of terror for our god protects us and delivers us from the evil one i pray peace to all of gods followers no not to religious zealots who stand to destroy us us all not freewill but gods will amen

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