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Thursday, February 01, 2007 

The most disruptive force in the Middle East

They want to interfere in other countries' business and damage chances for peace in the Middle East.

Sound familiar?

But it's not Syria. It's America.

According to Alon Liel (former head of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the Syrian government - America is blocking a peace deal between Syria and Israel.

Syria AND Israel want peace. America doesn't want them to do a deal.

America has got its hands deep in other pies in the region too.

Of course we've got the occupation of Iraq, and the colony of Israel.

In the past few days we've heard Sa'ad Al-Hariri (Lebanon's spiritual leader) blame Iran for Lebanon's tension. We've heard Egypt blame Iran for the murder of a diplomat in Iraq in 2003. And today we've had Mahmoud Abbas blaming Iran for formenting civil war in Palestine.

Co-incidence? Or do puppets all speak the words of their puppet master?

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Sasa, You got it right.

yeap Sasa, the American policies always politics for economics. they based their political on the economics needs of he owners of US. and I mean the owners...

Good post


All the recent talk of a Sunni/Shiite rift and some Islamic 'Thirty Years' war is rubbish which has been produced for public consumption. Yesterday al Jazeera had the program al Itijah al Mu3akis which posed the question of Iran and the United States and I have to say, Muhammad Sadiq al Husseini came out eloquently, clearly and above the empty rhetoric which the other guest was spewing. Which is more dangerous? American and Israeli involvement in the MIddle East or Iran? I've already decided..

That's not true at all. The U.S. is tired of the situation already and have been pushing for them to form peace for a long time. But it's hard dealing with the worst terrorist country in the world... Syria. The peace that Bashar Al Assad wants is a false peace, to allow him to get in and wipe out the Jews (ethnic cleansing). He is the anti-christ that the bible speaks of. His name adds up to 666 and before he changed his name, it was Al Wahash, which means "the beast". And the bible calls him the beast. He's an evil monster and should be killed before he kills millions. He's possessed by Satan, and nobody should make a deal with the devil.

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