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Tuesday, August 18, 2020 


I am an employee of a multi-national animal vaccines production company in the  UK working as the Purchase manager, working as a Purchase manager in multi-national animal vaccines production company in the Uk.
There is a raw material called OZIGAN HERBAL LIQUID which our company always sends me to purchase.  Having  been promoted to the post of production manager, our director has asked me for the contact details of the manufacturer for the onward procurement of the Raw material by the new purchasing manager  directly from the manufacturer.
Looking into the lucrativeness of this business and how I was able to make some handsome profit off the purchases, I do not wish to disclose the contact details of the manufacturer to my company directors considering the profit margin  in the business and the profit we will be making in supplying the material to my company. I intend to present somes  as a supplier of this Raw material  that could act as a supplier  between our company and the Manufacturer  in order not for my company to know the main source of the material. This is just a kind of buying and selling.

The manufacturer  in India  sells  at the rate: ($29,000 for 5 ltrs.) while my company purchases at the rate of ($47,000) which was the market price, and then all profits accrued would be shared between us, after deduction of all your expenses, etc. This would be a long term business relationship between you and my company. Therefore, I would like to utilize the advantage of the market price that the India manufacturer offers on  the product  for a good earning.  It's quite unfortunate  my late partner died of  COVID-19, who was my previous  supplier of this material from the manufacturer in India and supply it to the my company, on getting the information about his demise, hence i decided to searching for a new partner with whom i can trust and work with, May his soul rest in Peace.

This material can be found in India and Fiji only but cheaper in India. I want you to act as the dealer, you will then be presented to the manufacturing company as the dealer who would be purchasing this product  and supplies to my company. After purchasing from the original manufacturer, you would sell to our new purchasing manager at a higher price. The profit would be shared between you and I. This business is very lucrative and it is continuous. 
I urge you to act with due diligence, transparency Honesty and fairness, trust should be the main tool to achieve a great height in any business relationship.  Therefore, I implore you to be truthful when you receive the payment from my company and there should not be outta of betrayal whatsoever..
As much as I don't want my organization to know the real cost of the product because of my interest, I would like you to act with my total Guardians and instructions to enable us accomplish this business.
Kindly revert on support@fybertrade.com.com if you are interested. Awaiting your reply with best wishes..

corresponding if you are interested.


Production Manager
Mr M.Coole

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