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Monday, June 29, 2020 

Oun Nina

Dear lio119.haha,

My name is Oun Nina, I am a bank manager here in Cambodia. I contacted you for a reason , one of the bank late customers has a similar name as yours. He  died 9 years ago and left 10.7 million United States dollars in his account. Since then no relatives have come to claim his money. I think we can work things out.

Unfortunately, the bank customer died with his family in a car crash during summer holiday of 2010 in France. His account mandate does not have any contact of any of his relatives as next of kin.

 I have made several inquiries to your embassy to locate any of his relatives without any success.

 I have been mandated by my bank management to provide the next of kin to his account. If i don't get any of his relatives the account balance of $10.700,000 will be returned to the government treasury.

I will present your information as the next of kin and relative of the bank late customer if you accept my proposal. Since he did not mention anyone as his next of kin at the opening of the account, we can claim the money for ourselves. I think this is a fair decision instead of the corrupt Cambodian government taking the money. 

I was his personal accountant before he died, I have all the vital information for us to claim the money without any problem.

I only worry about your ability to keep this transaction secret  to protect my job and for a successful completion. 

The transaction is 100% risk free as i have studied and investigated the transaction properly as a professional banker and discovered that it's risk free before making contact with you.

If you are interested, reply to my email at ounnin.niang@yahoo.com.  as soon as possible, I will guide and tell you how we can claim the money within one week.

Please note that my proposal to you is not mandatory, neither by force that you will partner with me or will I hold it against you. Kindly ignore my message if you are not interested. 

Oun Nina

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