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Saturday, May 18, 2019 

{SM}....Rebuilding a stable, viable and vibrant economy is our goal. ff


Aasalam ali Kum Sir/Sirs,

I am Khalid Mahdi ESQ. Chairman of the Private Sector Development Center here in Baghdad - Iraq,  I would like to discuss the possibility of your company with email address: secretspineless.whiner@blogger.com partaking in government bulk supply contracts to Iraq. Now that the war in Iraq is over much emphasis in Iraq has turned to rebuilding a stable, viable and vibrant economy, the Source of funds to be utilised for this projects are from World Bank .The World Bank has established a Private Sector Development (PSD) Trust Fund (TF) to help in this " THE PROJECT RE-BUILD IRAQ INITIATIVE " for Iraq .This initiative is to encourage jobs, growth, re-building of all infrastructures and additional investment in every sector of Iraq in totality, a Multi-Donor Trust Fund was established with the support of DFID contributing US$9.3 billion over the period of January 1st 2018 to December 30th 2021, its expected that this funding should be fully utilised and exhausted in the total overhauling and restructuring of Iraq; in this light we at the Private Sector Development Center - Iraq have a renewed mandate from the Iraqi government to solicit, evaluate and recommend reputable foreign companies; we are in the process of selecting firms like yours to participate in the development of major projects, this projects entails supplying various items for the Humanitarian Aid & Reconstruction Project scheduled for the all the Provinces of Iraq. We are determined to purchase your products in large quantities, for use in all over our 18 governorates(provinces) as the task of re-building Iraq covers every single sector and facet of our society.I am currently on the board of the contracting command and center for economic development and a member of the contract review committee office of Iraq and Iraqi Project and Contracting Office, this ministries mentioned are directly in charge of all contract awards to any local/foreign contractors here in Iraq. Note with my various positions/memberships and also connections in the corridors of power, we are quite confident of securing approval for your company.

Also of note is the issue of different financial regulations between my country Iraq and your country as such you will be paid 100% for any contract through the Iraqi ministry of Finance before you commence supplies.Its also pertinent to inform all new and old contractors that we also have in place Ad-hoc disbursement centers in Europe which are now been utilized to expedite payments to all contractors.A consideration also is that your quotation must be CIF Port of Umm Qasr (or the Jordanian Port of Aqaba).

Please do re-confirm by return correspondence to our email below your interest in order to enable us send the detailed procedures and the accompanying questionnaire for profiling of your company.Thank you for your co-operation.

Kind regards,

Information contained in this email is intended for the use of the addressee only, is confidential and may be legally privileged. Any dissemination, distribution, copying or use of this communication without prior permission of the sender is strictly prohibited.

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