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Tuesday, March 05, 2019 

I am waiting to hear from you

Dear Friend. 

I was dedicated to write this private letter to you considering my political position in the government. This letter is for business negotiation and I hope that you will not expose or betray this trust that I am about to repose on you for the mutual benefit of our both families. 

My name is Mr. Gilbert Houngbo, I am a Citizen of Republic of Togo, I was a Prime Minister of the Republic of Togo 2008 to 2012. And Presently, I occupied the seat of Deputy Director General for Field Operations.

But the most important thing in this investment is my security and secrecy of the investment project; I need absolute measure of secrecy in this business because of my present position in the government.

  I would like to know if you can be of assistance for this investment project in your country. I need honest individual who is capable to handle multi-million dollars investment. And also I have 250-KG Gold Bar which we can deposit in your bank to gain interest or we can sale if you have buyer. 

I will like to invest in Real Estate Management, Existing factory Company and building of hotels etc, or in any lucrative business venture you shall advise.

Note: If we both agree in everything for the investment plans in your country or any country of your choice, then in return of my mail I will state the amount involved which is in the Bank that I am going to invest and subsequent we shall sign investment contract agreement. And after that, fund will be transfer to your bank account via MT103 Wire Transfer into your bank account immediately after both parties conclude the contract agreement endorsement.

Waiting for your urgent communication.
Best regards
Mr. Gilbert Houngbo

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