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Monday, September 29, 2008 

Why the Saudi silence?

It has been three days since seventeen innocent people were blown to pieces in Damascus.

The UN, the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Lebanon, Jordan and most of the world has condemned the attack. But one country is missing. Saudi Arabia has not uttered a single word.

The Guardians of the Two Holy Sites have stayed completely silent. They have not said they sympathise with the victim's families. They have not criticised this act of unbelievable terror.

Either they are sickeningly rude, or they agree with the bombing.

this post sounds like al-ddounyia TV.(a syrian channel) the very next morning the accusation started against Sadui Arabia coz they didn't make any comment.

i felt sick to have to hear each goverment either from the arab region or from the west expressing their sorrow for what had happened, this unbelievable rudeness of the politicians. they are fighting from behind their desks, and we are dying on the floor.
why don't they hold guns and go to another planet, fight to finish with their problems?
i don't give a shit if saudi made a comment or not. it's better they keep silence. all of them.
it's like killing someone and walking in his funeral.

Because, amniya, it's basic manners. You don't wish bad on the dead - and by staying silent that is what Saudi has done.

If Saudi did this, that is a different matter. But i don't think most people believe that!

I agree that politicians from all countries use the people as their pawns. Let's send King Abdullah (both of them) to the Moon to play Playstation with George Bush. Whoever wins gets a lollypop.

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