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Monday, September 29, 2008 

Damascus bomb was a suicide attack

Saturday's bomb on the airport road in Damascus was a suicide attack.

A car bomb killed 17 people in the south of the city.

The early results of the investigation show that an Islamist terrorist entered Syria on Friday - the day before the attack.

He came from a neighbouring Arab country - but authorities are not saying which one. That means it could be Lebanon, Jordan or Iraq.

First thoughts will turn to Lebanon, following a report from Britain yesterday claiming that Al Qaeda extremists in Tripoli were planning to attack Syria.

What about Turkey, and Israel, arent they also neighboring countries?

Couldn't the bomber be also locally bred? They could tell the nationality but not the actors, this is pure propagandaaa

not quite rami. It does say neighbouring ARAB country. It doesn't take much to cross reference border records with info from Lebanon. Sorry if that doesn't fit in with your conspiracy theory.

Do u think this car bomb in anyway is justified if it was a revenge from March 14, to the killings by Syrians to their PM, and others during the past 4 years?
Who should we blame in this case?
What I mean is that if the investigation did not come up with proof and indictment of the perpetrators, we lost between the parties who are taking revenge of each other. Do you agree with this?
Please be careful with your answer, since you can be accountable for your answer and might affect the future of your news agency, which is better than the government news agency.

How can anyone say the murder of innocent civilians is justified? Of course not.

Or it could be a "work accident", the bomb just happened to go off before it could reach Lebanon. Why would anyone think a car blowing up in a parking lot was a terrorist attack, rather than an assassination?

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