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Wednesday, September 24, 2008 

American extremists

Can someone explain how this is a vote winner in the US:

McCain "if elected, would not become actively engaged in Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts and discourage Israeli-Syrian peace efforts".

So keeping the region at war is a policy strategy? Is this what makes Americans happy?

It's really two statements: (1) McCain doesn't think it's up to the U.S. to interfere in the Israel/Palestinian conflict at this time, and (2) McCain actively seeks to isolate Syria.

#1 they may think is a vote-getter because McCain feels Americans are tired of it and can't make further useful initiatives. #2 may be a vote-getter because so many Americans, remembering its role as an Al Qaida funnel to Iraq, see Syria as a terror-sponsoring state.

I know I'm ecstatic! Yeah for instability and conflict!

I hope there's also a statement in there about stirring up shit in South America - just for kicks.

Thanks Solomon, I know there's an explanation - it's just depressing to hear.

And good to hear from you Orientalista, I've been following the story about your friend. II hope it all works out for the best for her.

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