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Wednesday, July 02, 2008 

Free concert in Damascus TONIGHT (correction!)

Lena Chamamyan is hosting a concert in Tishreen Park TONIGHT. Entrance is free, with a 50 lira ticket to the flower exhibition.

Thanks Orientalista for the correction - I thought it was 2 August, not 2 July!

If you've never heard of Lena, you have to go. She's possibly the most talented Syrian singer of our generation. She's created a unique form of Syrian jazz, and has been taken under the wings of some of the country's most talented producers.

And the venue is just perfect. If you've never been to the Tishreen Park ampitheatre, this is a great excuse to go, even if you don't like the music. I heard Lebanese electro-pop duet Soapkills there a few years ago, and the memory is still with me.

The full line up is as follows:
Basel Rajoub on the saxophone and trumpet
Bruno Paoli playing piano
Omar Harb on bass
Tareq Faham on drums
Feras Sharestan with the qanoun
Feras Al Hasan on classical percussion

It's in Tishreen Park, at the ampitheatre (which is in the north east corner of the park), at 8pm on Saturday 2 August. And it just costs 50 lira to get in.

More about Lena very soon. But for now - enjoy this:

صرلي اسبوعين عم استنا بهالحفلة
ولهلأ مالي مسدئة انها بجد رح تصير

بعتقد انو رح تكون معجوقة كتير بحيث أنو نستمتع بشي.

بس برضو بدي روح أكيد.

Why wait a month? She's performing tonight at the International Flower Exhibition in Tishreen Park at 8:00. Cost is 50 lira for entrance to the exhibition.

No, we're actually talking about the same event Orientalista - I got the dates very wrong!! Thanks for pointing it out.

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