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Wednesday, March 05, 2008 

US election angst

Isn't it tragic how we are staring at our TVs, watching the US election race with such enthusiasm.

This is an election in a country thousands of miles away, in which we have no control. But which will have a direct impact on all our lives.

Do Americans watch the outcome of the Swedish vote with such interest? Do the French care so much about the Italian elections? No, because by-and-large, whatever voters choose in those countries, only affects those countries.

The US election is the only international election, because the US is the only superpower. And we have no say over what happens in it - although it is Arabs who will live and die by the result of the vote.

Maybe the democracy parrots should think about that, the next time they trot out their worn out slogans.

In the USA, our media is completely biased--either for the idiocy of George W. Bush or the far extreme of displaying immense amounts of pride for our alliance with Israel. I never truly realized how our presidential election completely affects the fate of other countries. Unfortunately, its dissappointing to know America is a "superpower" with such distorted morals--which incontrovertibly affect our political maneuvers. Maybe, if we took the time to learn some morals and lend them to Israel--then we could only be worthy of such attraction from other countries due to the presidential primaries. Sorry if I sound a bit naive, but I'm only 16 and my father is Syrian, whilst my mother is Filipino, so of course I let my subject bias shine through my comment. =)


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