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Tuesday, March 11, 2008 

Do it now!

Ok, so Samir Jaja is in Washington, and he's going to be spreading his wisdom at an event on Thursday. As Mickey Mouse, I am disappointed not to have been invited. So as my revenge, I will reply to the RSVP email address telling them that in fact, Mickey Mouse will be attending.

If any of my friends - Donald Duck, Tweety Pie, or even Roger Rabbit - are out there, first of all I miss you. And secondly, I advise you to email them quickly, and tell them you will be attending. Even if you won't really!

It will be the most intellectual audience Samir Jaja has had for a long time.

That email address is LIC@LICUS.ORG. Do it now!

On a serious note, such email harassment will possibly give the organisers a hint that wherever Jaja goes, trouble (like us) follows. If I was in Washington, I would like nothing more than to organise a loud demonstration outside the building. Jaja is a war-criminal, and he shouldn't be welcome anywhere but prison.

I like how he is always referred to as Dr. Samir Geagea, when he has no degree to match the title. It's just ridiculous how the tribal nature of Lebanon and the rest of the Arab World allows people to garner titles they never earned. Maybe I should insist on being referred to as Professor from now on.

I, for one take personal offense at him being addressed as Doctor. I remember reading somewhere that he never finished his medical studies. Regardless, this militia leader of the thuggish LF is no healer.

Interesting how whitewashed the Wiki entry on this man is; and yet there is no flag questioning its objectivity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samir_Geagea

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