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Friday, December 28, 2007 

March 14 politicians are as brave as those who fought the Israeli occupation

"Hezbollah ... acquired it privileged status through the martyrdom of its young men on the Israeli front ... today denies this same treatment to its opponents in the Lebanese government."

Joseph El-Khoury.

Well done Sasa, you are slowly mastering the fine art of sarcasm. I read his post earlier and I didn't know where to begin with disagreeing with him. He genuinely views things the way he writes, which I find mildly amusing.

Even M14 politicians aren't as pro-M14 as he is. Clinging on to the sinking ship.

Well done Sasa for mastering the the fine art of sarcasm. It would have been even better if you had disagreed with me in my face. You would have been able to display your sarcasm and applied some basic democratic principles.

Let me remind you that out of those assassinated you wll find George Hawi, arch-enemy of Israel and founder of the National Resistance movement and Samir Kassir, pro-Arabist, Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Syria, but a democractic Syria, respectful of its own people and of the Lebanese.
And yes they were as brave than many of the Hezbollah resistance fighters.

I will not be responding to anymore comments on your blog. Your response is welcome on arabdemocracy. (and please bring Wassim with you)



You missed Pierre Gemayel, the facist. No, I think it is a shame that you compare legitimate resistance to occupation, with an opportunistic bandwagon movement.

Many of these politicians you seem to admire were so principled that they only became anti-Syrian when Syria left Lebanon. They followed the latest political trend for personal purposes. Do I need to give you a few of Walid Junbatt's quotes?

The biggest achievements of the goverment which you admire are stoking racism against the Palestinian, Syrian and Armenian minorities of Lebanon, and imprisoning Iraqi refugees.

It is embarrassing that you can compare a young man who is so angry that he takes a gun and fights against the world's most powerful army, with a politician who dumps his principles at the door for a seat in a single-issue government.

If you want to reply to this, you can leave a message on my blog and yours. I do check your blog, but I might miss the reply.

You must remember one thing SASA, and it is a common thought through the whole of the world and the ME,and that thought is that the

SYRIAN GOVERNMENT IS THE MOST COWARDLY ENTITY, hiding behind the blood of the Palestinians and the Lebanese in their quest to return the Golan heights..

The world is still waiting for Syrias reply after Israel bombed it a while go..

What a bunch of


I am regular reader to your blog, and I do admire your professionalism in communicating news related to our region, this is why I am really surprised/ disappointed by this post and your reply to Joe’s comment. In my view you used exactly the same style that you had criticized in a previous post 3 weeks ago. The monologue about 14th March is quite known and no one disagrees with that including Joe. I think neither sarcasm nor one-size-fits-all accusation helps to promote insightful discussions, which should be the main goal behind our blogs.



Andre, unless I misunderstood Joseph's last line, then I stand by what I said. It is disgraceful to compare the politics of March 14 to the martyrdom of the resistance - whether you agree with the resistance or not.

March 14 is not fighting for a cause. For god's sake, it is not even fighting! Young men who take up arms in the name of Hizbollah - rightly or wrongly - face an almost certain death for a cause they believe in.

If you want to criticise something I've said Andre, please go ahead. But I'm not quite sure how to reply to you if you just don't like my attitude.

Hey Sasa, I'd like you to answer this question..

If a young lebanese man is picking up a gun in the name of Hizbollah for the return of Shebaa farms, and a young palestinian man is picking up a gun in the name of Hamas for the return of occupied lands,



Just all talk by your gutless leader, hiding behing the blood lebanese and palestinian men..

If Hizbollah and Hamas are the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance groups respectively,



There aint one....

Just all huff anf puff.....

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