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Monday, November 19, 2007 

Syria and Jordan co-ordinate their strategies

I knew there had to be something more behind this visit than an agreement over prisoners and borders. So thanks to Norman for pointing it out.

Jordan's King Abdullah made a surprise visit to Damascus, his first in four years. And it comes just days before Arab leaders meet in Egypt to talk peace ahead of the Annapolis talks in the US.

This is definitely positive. Either Jordan and Syria are trying to forge a unified view between the two sides in the Arab world (i.e. the Syria-Hizbollah-Hamas axis versus the Saudi-US-Fatah-Israel-Jordan-Egypt axis) ... or Jordan is carrying some kind of message from the US begging them to attend the US peace talks.

Either way, it's good news.

Interesting to note that neither Jordan or Syria mentioned the peace talks following the surprise meeting, it was all about prisoners and border. Apparently.

the Syria-Hizbollah-Hamas axis versus
the Saudi-US-Fatah-Israel-Jordan-Egypt axis)


or should it be

COWARD-Hezbollah-Hamas Axis..

Syria forming its own Resistance group on Syrian soil, is like MAHMOUD AHAMADINEJAD getting a total fashion makeover...

It will never happen...

I wouldn't get my hopes up Sasa, the King of Jordan is only a messenger boy.

You know SASA, your post about countries visiting SYRIA, and in turn insiuating that it is a benefit for Syria and its role in the Middle East, is just downright laughable..

The last comment summed it up brilliantly. King of Jordan isonly a messenger, probably telling him in not so many words to but out of Lebanese presidential elections.

And who can forget the visits of the French dignitaries to Syria.
All the syrians were jumping up with joy thinking France had changed its stance to Syria, as opposed to Chirac...

But the honest truth is that France has not changed its stance against Syria, as a matter of a fact, IT IS MORE DEFIANT UNDER SARKOZY, as the role Syria is playing in the ME...

They are and will always be SUPPORTERS OF TERROR.

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