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Monday, November 19, 2007 

King Abdullah in Damascus

The Jordanian one, that is.

It's Abdullah's first visit to Damascus for many years. Jordan and Syria have suffered from frosty relations, despite a positive start seven years ago. Both men come from similar backgrounds - a connection with Britain, they are similar ages, they both inherited their jobs.

Syria has agreed to release 250 Jordanian prisoners, and Jordan will investigate the border dispute. Both countries claim the other is currently on part of their land.

They've also been discussing Lebanon, where there's a stalemate over the choice of president.

They've also signed agreements on economic cooperation, water, and security.

Something that makes me wonder a lot is..... Why isn't anybody talking about the hariri murder anymore? nobody is even mentioning it.. please explain..

I think March 14 (the governing coalition in Lebanon) overplayed that card. ALL they mentioned was the Hariri murder, and now the people are getting sick that the country is on standstill because M14 is a one issue coalition.

That's why their poll ratings are going through the floor and they're scared to call another election.

Who cares about the man who robbed Lebanon? It has already been proven that Syria was not involved, and now that nothing more can come of it, it's been practically dropped. If anything should come out of this, it's that the second Hariri should also disappear, and the money returned to the GOOD (IE. Syria-supporting) Lebanese people. The robbed, anti-Syrian morons can continue to rot.

Anyways,I don't trust Jordon. I know Bashar doesn't, either, and that the king of politics knows what he's doing. If one day, the Jordanian monarchy of Zionist terror can be removed (Even if by force), and replaced with a real Arab leader; one like Syria's,the country can be used as an extremely useful platform for a second Hezbollah-like resistance movement. The Zionists cannot take on 1 Hezbollah, let them try 2, plus 2 nation militaries.

Jordanian king arrives in Syria on rare trip ahead of Arab peace meeting

The Associated Press
Sunday, November 18, 2007
DAMASCUS, Syria: Jordan's King Abdullah II discussed an upcoming U.S.-sponsored peace conference with President Bashar Assad Sunday after arriving on a previously unannounced trip, his first to the Syrian capital in nearly four years, Syria's official news agency reported.

The reason for the surprise visit was not explained, but it came few days before Arab foreign ministers are to meet in Egypt where they are expected to come up with a unified stand on the peace conference scheduled for later this month in Annapolis, Maryland.

Syria has repeatedly said it would attend the conference only if discussions included the return of the Golan Heights, a strategic plateau Israel captured from Syria in the 1967 Middle East war and later annexed.

Although U.S. officials have said the focus of the conference will be the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said in recent days that he hoped Syria would take part.

A joint statement issued by the two leaders following their meeting made no direct mention of the Annapolis conference.

The leaders expressed their "commitment to support Arab, Palestinian and international efforts to establish an independent Palestinian state ... within the framework of the peace process and the two-state solution," the statement said.

The statement said the two leaders also underlined their full respect to the sovereignty of Lebanon and "rejected all foreign interference in Lebanon's internal affairs."

They underscored the need for Lebanon to reach consensus on presidential elections scheduled to be held by Nov. 24, when pro-Syrian Lebanese President Emile Lahoud will step down.

The U.S., many European countries and the anti-Syrian parliamentary majority in Lebanon accuse Syria of trying to block the election of a Lebanese president and blame it for a series of assassinations of anti-Syrian politicians in Lebanon. Syria denies the charges.

Abdullah and Assad stressed the importance of the "positive role that Syria can play to ensure Lebanon's stability and security and build normal relations between Beirut and Damascus based on mutual respect."

Jordan's chief government spokesman Nasser Judeh had described Sunday the visit by the king to Syria as "important." He did not, however, detail the topics to be discussed.

A Royal Palace statement issued in Amman said the king's visit is in line with Jordanian "concern for the significance of Syrian participation in Arab efforts aimed at confronting challenges facing the Arab nation."

The statement quoted an unnamed palace official as saying that talks would focus on ways to "garner Arab and international support in a way that would fulfill Palestinian aspirations to statehood and ending Israel's occupation of all Arab lands."

Relations between neighbors Jordan and Syria have been bumpy for years, particularly in the last few months over a host of political issues. Tensions rose last year in the wake of the summer 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war, when Assad called some Arab leaders "half men" for not supporting Hezbollah during the war.

The last time the Jordanian king visited Syria was in February 2004.

Judeh also said Assad promised during the meeting to release Jordanian detainees held in Syrian prisoners but declined to provide details or say how many prisoners were involved.

Another Jordanian government official said he had no specific estimate on Jordanians jailed in Syria but speculated there were "few dozen," many of them imprisoned without charges for minor offenses such as expired residency permits.


Associated Press writer Jamal Halaby contributed to this report from Amman, Jordan.


This is propably the most important result of the meeting, and indicate that Lebanon is left to Syria to mannage in return of cooperating on the peace comference,

Abdullah and Assad stressed the importance of the "positive role that Syria can play to ensure Lebanon's stability and security and build normal relations between Beirut and Damascus based on mutual respect."

Lets get one thing straight you bunch of morons..

The majority of Lebanese despise the Syrian government, even supporters of GMA..

So stop living in your fantasy land that Syria will regain its influence in Lebanon, like it had before, because it wont happen.
(ASSAD'S twin brother LAHOUD is going)

Remamber the March 14 2005 demonstrations...

Go read up on it again.... And do a count.
They were ALL LEBANESE..

That is ALL LEBANESE, not any interlopers from across the border...

And Syria Almighty you are nothing but a TOOL......
(Syria- supporting Lebanese people)

The above are few and far between. They are a dying breed in Lebanon.

And also these comments are laughable.

"replaced with a real Arab leader; one like Syria's,the country can be used as an extremely useful platform for a second Hezbollah-like resistance movement. The Zionists cannot take on 1 Hezbollah, let them try 2, plus 2 nation militaries."

Why doesnt ASSAD form his own resistance group like Hizbollah on Syrian soil?
But then again cowards are cowards.
Where was his leadership when Isreal bombed a facility not so long ago.. COWARD.....

And Norman...

"This is propably the most important result of the meeting, and indicate that Lebanon is left to Syria to mannage in return of cooperating on the peace comference"

Who are you kidding?
You should stop smoking that wakki tobacci....
It really is affecting your mind...

The anti-Syrian populace are less then half of Lebanon, and was proven when 1.6 million (More then half the country) showed up at the pro-Syrian demonstrations, versus the 70,000 idiots at the laughable opposition demonstration, who then artificially inflated their numbers after they were bitch-slapped by the pro-Syrians. It is absolutely ludicrous to believe that almost 2 million people were bussed in from Syria, into Lebanon for pro-Syrian rallies; not to mention impossible.

People like you are garbage, and are the sole reasons why Lebanon will always be the ass-backwards turd hole country it has always been, and until people like you are suppressed, silenced, subdued,or 'removed,' Lebanon will always be in poor condition.

As a Syrian-Lebanese, I am at the forefront of Arab unity; especially between Syria and Lebanon. But people like you are shameful, and have been trying to derail any hopes of peace and unity in order to boost your false sense of superiority and importance in the Arab world, when in reality, the only importance of Lebanon is that it is nothing but a door for the Zionists in which they are able to enter the Arab world, and this door needs to be locked.

By the way, when America and the Zionists lose the 'elections' in Lebanon, their support for the toy soldiers of March 14 will drop harder then the bombs did in the Summer of 2006.

So in closing, Zionists, such as yourself, better start begging on your knees for forgiveness, because you are in for the destruction of a life time.

Hey syria almighty, everytime I read your comments, i just laugh hysterically.

1.6 million?

What source?
A syrian media source?
The ever reliable syrian free media..

By the way the BITCH-SLAPPED LEBANESE achieved something that will go down in lebanese history..

They forced the SYRIAN army scum to leave Lebanese soil..

And wasnt that a monumentous time in history..
And assad is still crying over the failure of losing all the influence he had in Lebanon...
What an UGLY excuse of a human being....

That 'ugly excuse for a human being' is the man who chooses to supply Lebanon with life, for if it was not for Syria, Lebanon would not drink a single drop of water, and would still be talking about this new futuristic energy source called electricity. The president can choose any time to end our life support to the trash bin of the Middle East, but chooses not, as he is the only Arab leader that cares for Arabs, and the Arab world. People like you, however, have the most disgusting personalities, manners, and ideals, and it would not be fair to monsters to compare people like you to them. Luckily, people like you will be going the way of the dodo--Im' sorry, I meant Rafiq al-Dodo Hariri.

1.6 million came from none other then European sources, and al Jazeerah. Your numbers came from the people who held your lame ass 'demonstrations,' who couldn't even keep the secret that they were artificially inflating these numbers.

The only misery the Lebanese has forced on anyone was themselves. They wanted Syria out, and Syria wanted out without looking like the bad that it is not. After that, you saw wars being fought in Lebanon between the people and the Zionists, and civil war --again-- is pretty much inevitable. Anyone with a quarter of a tenth of a percentage of a brain saw what would follow after Syria pulled out, and it's too bad for the good Lebanese people, that people like you don't even have THAT much of a brain. You have blood on your hands and on your home. And for what? Only to get a government be friendly with Syria again, as the Lebanese people want? Your kind has always caused trouble; from the civil war, all the way up until now. I think Syria's only mistake was that during the civil war, we didn't eliminate the Zionist leaders of today's Lebanon, such as Walid Jumblatt, and Samir Geagea. But who knows? Maybe after the Lebanese drag themselves through the mud a couple hundred times, they COULD realize that there is no world for them without Syria, and a broader Arab unity.

Syria almighty you must get one thing straight through that THICK HEAD OF YOURS....

Syria will never dominate Lebanon again, ever...

BYE BYE.......

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