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Friday, July 20, 2007 

France says relations with Syria are improving

France's new Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner says talks between a top level diplomat and Syria's President in Damascus are a "sign on the road of conciliation".

Under former President Jacques Chirac, ties between the two countries were almost cut after the assassination of former Lebanese PM Rafiq Al-Hariri. Chirac is now living in one of the most expensive flats in Paris - owned by Rafiq's son. Chirac was today questioned by a judge over alleged corruption.

The UN investigation into the killing of Rafiq Al-Hariri initially pointed towards Syria, but recent reports have cast doubt on that claim.

Britain, America and the EU have sent high level representatives to Syria over the past few months, breaking two years of isolation.

Syria should only be freind of countries that are freinds to Syria , France is not one of these .

Hi Sasa,
Just a slight criticism. I don't claim to know anything about journalism so please forgive me, but I do detect that you try to steer the readers conclusions in a certain direction. No problem, but it might be nice to add an additional paragraph mentioning these "additional reports", a bit about your sources such as which news outlet reported the Chirac trial etc etc.

This way, you give the reader more space to breathe and think it through. This is only my humble opinion! :)

Hi Wassim,

Thanks for your comments Wassim.

The Chirac trial was on the AP wire. I haven't seen it on the internet, but I could google it and add a link if that would help. I'm just too lazy, and I don't know how many people would actually click. I figure that if people want to know more they can just google. I know, that's completely against blogging etiquette!

I just try to make connections which (I hope) haven't been made before. Like in this case: UN originally blamed Syria - now they are being less explicit. Chirac's France distanced itself from Syria - now Chirac is living in Hariri's flat in Paris and Chirac is being questioned on corruption charges - change of president, and relations with Syria improve.


Don't trust them EU politicians. They change their opinions as frequently as weather change under global warming.
I trust those bikes you showed in your post and I do trust I might be tempted to give them a test drive.

Are you in Paris Puppeteer?

not yet
be there on thursday

Email me Puppeteer, lio119@yahoo.com

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