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Monday, July 30, 2007 

Brammertz: Hariri's killer wasn't Syrian

Interesting how this one slipped under the radar.

The UN investigator who is looking into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Al-Hariri says the killer wasn't Lebanese.

Ok, we knew that. But his latest report claims the killer wasn't Syrian either. He uses the term a "hot district" to describe where the killer was from. Sami Mobayed speculates that place is Saudi Arabia.

Earlier this month, it was discovered that a large number of Fateh Al-Islam fighters were Saudi. The group is currently fighting the Lebanese Army in Nahr Al-Bared.

And the Hariri government has now started blaming the militant group for some of the recent political assassinations and bombings around Beirut, as well as the murder of a group of UN peacekeepers near the Israeli border.

Lets get one thing straight.

The people/country behind FEI, the bombings of unifil are still in dispute, but I can assure you ALL LEBANESE KNOW who were behind the bombings in beirut...

It doesnt make sense that FEI would bomb parts of Beirut and leave only structural damage, instead of multiple deaths of innocent people.

Militant groups dont play the game of fear unlike the SYRIAN GOVT AND INTELLIGENCE...

Whom are they trying to fool? Why the Syrian government has been against the tribunal and stating that there will be a bloodshed if it was created?

What a pathetic comment. They can be Sri Lankan for all I care, the fact of the matter is that they are controlled by Damascus. So no, it didn't slip off the radar, it is just insignificant news.

so the killer came from a very hot region? you mean so hot it could cause an arms' depot to explode?

lol Mustapha, that was a good one. 50 degrees at 4:30 in the morning in Aleppo of all places...

They forgot to turn on the turbine fans to cool the arms stored in the depot...

You know Syria is a very COOL region, and the killer could not have come from Syria, even though the van used came in from Syria and was seen parked in an army base, covered by a big tarpaulin...
Syria had nothing to do with the murder and had nothing to GAIN...

Oh yeah, please give me a break..

Maybe you should give Bramertz your advice, it seems you pick and choose what you agree with. Hahahahaha, fucking lebanese got screwed over by israel, now you're getting screwed over by america and france. Bye bye Siniora.

Maybe the syrian president should give the UN advice...
You know..

Syria doesnt INTERFERE in Lebanese affairs and politics.

Syria doesnt SMUGGLE weapons to Hezbollah...

The Syrian intelligence apparatus also left with the syrian troops when the syrian troops were humiliated when they were asked to leave Lebanon.

The only country that screwed Lebanon, and is still trying to impose its influence, is our BROTHERLY country Syria...

BROTHERLY.. Oh please.....
Im afraid Assad will always try to hang on, even though his influence in Lebanon is slipping very fast..


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