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Monday, June 18, 2007 

Rockets fired from Lebanon into Israel

Two rockets have been fired from Lebanon into Israel.

But both Hizbollah and Israel say it wasn't Hizbollah which did it.

Israel is blaming Palestinian groups inside Lebanon: "It seems that it was Palestinians, not Hezbollah," and Israel thinks it was aimed at getting Israel to attack Hizbollah in retailiation. Israel insists it will "not be drawn in".

Could it be allies of Fateh Al Islam trying to get Israel to attack their arch-enemies* Hizbollah, and force the Lebanese Army to halt their assault on the Nahr Al Bared camp?

(*Fateh Al Islam claim they are defending the Sunnis, and Abu Musab Al Zarqawi - who was close to Fateh Al Islam's leaders - accused Hizbollah of 'protecting' Israel because they didn't allow Al Qaeda-linked groups to attack Israel from South Lebanon.)

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What a shit hole Lebanon has become. Thank you, Hariri. I eagerly await the day you are fed through a wood chipper. You could join the bits and pieces of your daddy cooking in hell.

Go #$%@ yourself you slimeball..

You piece of TURD....


It would be a physical impossiblity for me to go and "#$%@" myself. Perhaps you Lebanese, through years extensive research, which could have been used to make Lebanon better instead, have developed a method for one to go "#$%@" himself? Because it honestly does not look like you have been doing anything else to help the country. But keep up the good work, though. I am sure that you Lebanese might one day invent the world's most powerful vibrator. You could call it the Katyusha Pocket Rocket, since it seems that you Lebanese enjoy being bombed. Might as well stick one of those in yourself so that, for once, a Lebanese person might live through a bombing, or at least, something named after a bomb.

Enjoy having half your population incinerated :)

feelings mutual you terrorirst infiltrated muther$%^&er....

Syria would have to become a crap hole like Lebanon before Syrians start killing each other for being Muslim and Christian.

lol, go work on your little Katyusha Pocket Rocket. I will be in Syria tomorrow, and I will verbally humiliate every Lebanese Zionist infiltrator that gets in my way with logic and facts; and show them that someone like me is what a Lebanese person is.

Have a good day, Katyusha Pocket Rocket inventor. Make Lebanon proud. :)

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