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Saturday, June 09, 2007 

Israel says it is ready to give back the Syrian Golan Heights

...is the deceptive headline.

Yes, Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says he is willing to give Syria sovereignty over the Syrian Golan Heights IF Syria 'leases' the territory back to Israel for 25 years.

So, Israel is saying, we are prepared to keep your land, but admit that it is yours.

40 years of waiting - for that.

Israel says it has launched secret talks (so secret Israel has already made them public). And today, Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz says Syria has failed to respond to its generous offer.

Israel is setting Syria up to be the 'obstruction' to peace in the region.

Syria - don't forget - has been offering unconditional peace talks for the past seven years, but with no response.

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Sasa, can you link me to where it says that the Zionist trash will keep the Golan for 25 years if Syria accepted this garbage proposal? I read this story on BBC, and it did not mention that. Then again, that article looked pretty biased, and under it, it had a link to an article which said "40 Years, Israel Still a Prisoner" or something like that.

It's interesting how many Western news outlets still view 1967 through the eyes of Israel. Most articles have been on the dramatic nature of Israel's "victory" and how it "won the war and lost the peace". You get the picture. I like your take on this though, it definitely looks like Israel is up to something.

There are much better odds of the pope converting to islam, then Israel returning the Golan to syria..

Just keep on dreaming...
You all make me laugh...

Hi Syria Almighty,

Yes, sure, here it is, third paragraph.


I agree - it is still portrayed as David vs Goliath. Which is a real case of doublespeak. Have you read Jeremy Bowen's book the Six Day War?

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