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Wednesday, May 30, 2007 

UN votes for Hariri tribunal

The UN has voted to create a tribunal to investigate the Hariri murder.

It will be established under Chapter 7, which refers to threats to international peace and security. It is the first time an inquiry into an assassination has been set up under Chapter 7.

It comes after the Lebanese parliament failed to support the Tribunal. The UN didn't like what Lebanon's elected representatives had to say, so they did it anyway.

An agreement between the UN and Beirut must be in place by June 10.

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The positions that Lebanon is taking mount to hostility and intentional harm to Syria and it's people , the question that i have is how long Syria is going to return the other cheeck and let Lebanon being used gainst Syria and it's stand against the American / Israeli controle of the Arabs and their resources,
It is time for Syria to call Lebanon what it is , An enemy state, and do what Syria should do close the border untill Lebanon changes it's attitdute and behaivier.

hostilty to syria?
What do you call syria's occupation of lebanon for 30 years?
30 years of,
Lets not forget the mass graves left by your cowardly and gutless soldiers.

Dont kid yourself...
Dont make an ass of yourself..

Syria seems to be the only one voicing concern about the tribunal.
What does it have to hide?

If your president recognized the sovereignty of Lebanon there would a syrian embassy in beirut, and the demarcation of borders..
Lebanese are still waiting...

Dont make me laugh.....
He can run but he cant hide.

Hey SASA, you say that the lebanese parliament failed to support the tribunal..

What parliament?
It wasnt even opened you dingbat.
Berri wouldnt open it, even after pressure by the majority of parliament.
It seems he listened to the orders of his master, ASSAD.

this tribunal must be also used against the executors of massacres of syrian people in hama and other parts of syria.

Syria saved Lebanon during the last 30 years it saved the christians , the Moslems the Palestinians , kept the Palestinian right of return alive , the mistakes that took place in Lebanon by the Syrian army was not intentional but was simmiler to the mistakes that Egypt did during the united Arab republic,
Syria did not face resistance in Lebanon as most people felt that it meant well even if it made mistakes , they rememberd that Syria took care of the Lebanese during the cevil war , what hurts the Syrians is not that Some Lebanese do not want to be part of Syria as it was the case since the beginning of time but for the lack of gratidute that some Lebanese have to the sacrfices of Syria during the last 30 years.

Look NORMAN, as much as you find it hard to believe, we Lebanese have no problem with the syrian people, its the current and the previous syrian govts..

We are brothers and sisters in the arab sense, but we arent going to take on any more crap from your president....

He says that there should be a UNITY GOVT in Lebanon, where all sects are represemted..
I ask your president.

What percentage of the population does his party represent?

He says in not so many words there should be early parliamentary elections in Lebanon to fix our problems..
I ask this question to your president..
When are the syrian elections fair?
How is it fair that he is only person running for presidency?

When I come here and have a crack at Syria, it is not meant for the people..
It is solely for the govt...

So dont take offence, its just that we have had a gutful of your president...

I have no doubt, although it might not show, that we lebanese are thankful for the syrian families that took in the people that fled last years war. Of course we are going to thank you.

Take care...

Lebanese? Grateful? Maybe that's why they attack innocent Syrians.


why should syrians work in lebanon and jordan and bashar and co are playing with billionat.

That's disgusting. Stop making excuses for racist attacks like this, and start criticising them.

My name is Antony Loewenstein, an Australian and I'm coming to Damascus on June 18. I'm a blogger and would love to meet up. Possible? If so, please email me at antloew (at) gmail.com

Thanks so much.

Hi Anthony, what is your blog?

sasa,if the syrian has seen his dignity raped inside his country what do u think will be his image outside syria ? dont say it's not linked

Hang on, we are talking about racist Lebanese attacking innocent Syrians. Shall I tell you something - blaming the victim for that is disgusting. But what can I expect from a racist. A racist will always try to make excuses. Just like those who attack Palestinians. They too have plenty of justification.

sasa,why in the hizbollaland regions syrian workers are not allowed to work ?

no one killed more palestinians in leb than assad and friends.so dont be hypocrit

this is the first time since long that we see a civilized arab army ,the lebanese armed acted in a wise manner in a very complex situation ,all our respect to this army.

The Lebanese "army" is breaking the ceasefire it asked for, and slaughtering innocent people in a refugee camp, and denying survivors medical care, using weapons they recieved from Syria. Dignity? **** you.

Don't tell me "You are our brothers,; we just don't lke your president." Trash like yourself are siblings of the Zionists, and nothing more. Bashar al-Assad should slaughter every piece of crap who thinks like you.

Don't act like you are better then anyone, and then claim the moral high ground. The Lebanese are the WORST "Arabs" in the entire Arab world. If Syria wanted to really piss you off, they would have annexed your crap country a long time ago, and no one would have said anything. And this is coming from a Lebanese person. **** like you should be ashamed of your very own existance; ESPECIALLY the Lebanese Christians, the garbage of Lebanon.

Syria has pulled Lebanon's head out of the guillotine you put yourselves into so many times. How do you repay Syria? "SYRIA OUT!!!" "**** YOU SYRIA!!!" You burn our flags, and you kill our people??? Who the HELL do you think you are? The garbage of the Middle East acting like they are better then someone??? **** you, and **** EVERYONE like you. I hope the Zionists holocaust every one of your kind after they are done using you. You are going to get ****ed. It's a good thing the majority of Lebanon likes Syria. People like you are going to be left to rot, after everything in Lebanon is finished. Lol, what are you going to do when you have the guns of Zion, Syria, AND Lebanon against your head? Nothing. You can't do anything, because you chose to toss out your only protection. You know what you are going to do? I'll tell you. You are going to be on your knees, and kissing the asses of everyone to beat you only halfway to death.

God bless Syria, and all the good deeds Syria has done for the undeserving Lebanon.

May God rip out the hearts of the Lebanese Zionist leaders Hariri, Jumblatt, Geagea, SinAIRa, and every other SOB like them. But ESPECIALLY that criminal, Hariri.

Allah! Souriyah! Bashar ou bas!

Wow i started a war , no group in Lebanon is against Syria , there are indiveduals , Christians , Druz , Sunni against Syria but there are many of the same groups actualy the majority who are gratfull to Syria and what it did in Lebanon , so we just have to separate the two groups and send the traiters to Saudi Arabia and France were they belong and love to be and leave Lebanon to the people who fought for Lebanon and leberated it from the Israelies .

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As syrian i have no problem with Hariri ,he is a friend of the syrian people and his wife is a syrian lady from a noble syrian familly.
Those who are attacking belong to some small groups in syria who fears the natural relation between syrian and lebanese people.

i think the problem in lebanon is much bigger than accusing syria. we have 2 many nations dipping their fingers into lebanon.. fact is fact the biggest loser in hariris assasination has been syria..they were forced to leave and have been under pressure international since..one must ask who was to achieve the most out of hariris assasination??? Israel is happy as it sits back and watches the lebanese and syrians humiliate each other...the USA, France and Britain can now get involved in lebanons internal affairs? its interesting to note that in bremmetz's recent report he noted that syria was co-operating with the report however there were 10 nations that weren't co-operating including US, France and Britain?? the underlying problem is that you need to get your own house in order before blaming everyone else..The lebanese government is a weak government even before hariris assasination..look at how gmayell was assasinated..As a minister he had virtually no security entourage..i mean i could go on and on about how weak the government is and i'm sorry in the real world you can't blame everyone else for your problems...

Hey syria almighty, are u a zinoist in disguise?

Hey syria almighty, are u a zinoist in disguise?

Are you a troll from WOT? Probably.

No, I am not a Zionist.

A Zionist's only right is death.

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