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Sunday, May 06, 2007 

The man who would be President

Farid Ghadry is an interesting character. He doesn't mind being referred to as the Syrian(*) Ahmed Chalabi. He claims that if Syria held free and fair elections, he would win.

He has just written a piece called 'Why I admire Israel'. With the repugnant views aired in this blind article, I would tend to disagree that he would win any election in Syria.

Anyway, here are some select quotes from Ghadry's piece:

"As a Syrian and a Muslim, I have always had this affinity for the State of Israel. As a businessman and an advocate of the free economic system of governance, Israel to me represents an astounding economic success in the midst of so many Arab failures."

"Israel has, in less than 60 years, built an economy ten times that of Syria with one-fifth the population. How does one explain this fact? It is very simple: Israel is a vibrant democracy." (Not because of the basic arithmetic of colonisation: occupy, steal and use slave labour).

"To me, any dispute over shared lands is secondary to bringing prosperity to my people."

(* Note: I say 'the Syrian Chalabi' and not 'Syria's Chalabi' because - by his own admission, his only connection to the country is that he was last there when he was 10 years old)

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This guys name has been spreading like a virus in the past year. My first reaction is "What the F***!?" when I read the rubbish he comes up with.

It's easy to see why the United States would like somebody like him in charge of our country. There is only one course of action with people like him...

"To me, any dispute over shared lands is secondary to bringing prosperity to my people." - Next bus to Gaza then? I think so. Let's make sure he gets on shall we?

So much for Syrian opposition: either this character, that freak Abdoul Hamid, or Khaddam...
I have an own theory about the lack of Syrian dissents, and how these guys are promoted because they're the only ones to put up with the Bushi(t)st agenda.

None of these idiots care about the Syrian people, or they wouldn't be trying to promote the surrender of the country to the Zioshit. I say just execute them. leaving them alive would be a mistake *Looks at Jumblatt*

al-Assad forever.

Ghadry is stupid because it's Israel which protected the asad regime.

Did that guy forget that the "good economy" Israel has is big part based on the aid and donations coming from the US? There is democracy in Israel, but this won't be the factor for development and progress of a country.
In fact, I see that guy as another opportunist, a businessman who might turn into a politician, exactly like Chalabi and many other Iraqi politicians who use Iraq, religion, and the US to reach their gains.

Once the world accepts the truth, which is that "Frank" Ghadry is as Lebanese as they get, he becomes far, far, far less worthy of any attention.

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