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Tuesday, May 08, 2007 

Israel softens its tone on Syria

A raft of reassuring statements are coming out of Israel.

As the tension between the US and Syria continues to lessen - Condoleeza Rice and Walid Mouallem met in Egypt last week - it seems Israel is realising that it also needs to be less hostile.

The head of Israel's National Security Council Ilan Mizrahi (does he have Iranian roots?) told the parliament that "Syria's call for a renewal of the peace process is genuine".

Unpopular, embattled Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert - who can surely only survive a matter of weeks in the job - said he is committed to studying the Syrian option. Last year, when his defence minister and foreign minister openly called for talks with Syria, after the attacks on Lebanon, Olmert flatly rejected it.

Syria has been offering peace talks for 7 years - it seems now that Israel is under pressure, it is finally willing to listen.

Israel also reassured Syria it is not planning to attack: their ambassador to Washington Sallai Meridor said they have no "offensive intentions".

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I have learned one thing:
I never trust news, and i cant guess or understand what i am reading because there is always something that is not told. So that way we never really know what happens. It's all POLITICS (which means "Theater")

We can allways hope for peace but Syria should prepare for war , The meatings with Mualem and the Iranians are just coverup for the planed war against Iran by the US and Syria and Hizballa by Israel ,
The vice president of the US is going to the Midleast to gather support from the traiter Arab states like Saudi Egypt and Jordon.

Syria should be ready , The war is coming and Syria should prepare for a long one if we want the Golan Hights back.

You are right Norman, Syria should get ready for a war and maybe for a change it should FIGHT ITS OWN BATTLES, instead of using other countries and groups, to fight for the GOLAN HEIGHTS..

And then for a change it can get some of the medicine that it deserves....
A big whipping on a grand scale..

I can just see now the firepower of Israel against the prehistoric tanks and planes of Syria.

All the US might is not able to defeat Iraq ,

Israel can not fight a long war ,
The Israelies will be in Broklin,NY withen a month and that will be the end of the Midleast problems.

hhh, for now it's you who is in New York i guess...

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