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Tuesday, May 01, 2007 

Canadian missing in Syria

This missing person's appeal has just gone out. If you have any information, please visit her brother's blog and post a message or email mattv99@hotmail.com. There are more details there, about where she was travelling to and from.

My Sister, Nicole Vienneau, Has Gone Missing in Syria

[April 29th UPDATE: There is still no word, but we suspect she never made it out of Syria. The RCMP (Canada's police force) have involved Interpol (the nearest "local" police) and the FBI (to access her email records). Canada does have diplomatic relations with Syria, and we're pretty certain she's not in a Syrian prison. She made no bank transactions after we last heard from her. It's not looking good.

Right now we're looking for ideas and people who are familiar with (or have family in) Syria. Even someone who could check local Syrian newspapers for bus or car accidents between March 29th and April 5th, or any other incident involving a female foreigner. Google isn't so good with local news in politically charged countries.]

You can also email me directly:

Matthew Vienneau

I've posted an additional update this morning and will likely have another one this afternoon. Hopefully we'll get enough people asking around that someone will know or remember something.

The canadian citizen has syrian roots ?

No, I don't think so.

why this case is not reported in the canadian medias?

there is several cases of muslim and arab canadians who had bad days in syria but what is strange here is that she has no syrian or arab origin.

As of Friday, the story was covered by all the major Canadian news outlets. Now we're hoping to reach the Syrian/Arabic newspapers and such so that the local people can help us find her.
She has not Syrian or Arabic heritage at all, and no political affiliation. Others have commented on how strange it is for a foreigner to just disappear like she has.

Matthew Vienneau

where was she going the day she disappeared from the hotel Cairo??on a tour - just curious as my son went to Hama yesterday forn a day or 2 - Crak des Chevaliers and other sites nearby that likely had tours by private taxis??

It's not clear where she went.

As we've been discussing, it is very very confusing, because no tourist in Syria has ever been kidnapped or even attacked.

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