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Wednesday, April 04, 2007 

Blair thanks friends and allies "in the region"

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has spoken for the first time about Iran's release of the 15 sailors and marines. He has thanked "friends and allies in the region".

The only country in the region that helped was Syria (Turkey offered but it didn't happen). The BBC is interpreting that this was a coded way for Blair to thank Syria. And it also says something very big: Syria now seems to be considered a "friend" of Britain.

It comes as Nancy Pelosi, the third most senior politician in the US, continues her holiday in Syria. She spent the night in Damascus, walking through the Old City talking to shopkeepers and visiting the Ummayid Mosque.

Not since Bashar visited Blair in London in December 2002 have relations been so good.

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If you think the world has changed its stance on Syria, then you have been smoking one too many WACKY TOBACCIS..

Syria is still, and will always be a haven for terrorists..
If Assad is so tough, insted of using Hezbollah to do its dirty work, why doesnt he set up a resistance group in southern Syria to fight for the Golan Heights.

Who cares if Britain says Syria is it's friend. Does that really matter? Sounds like a high school popularity contest. When will Arab countries worry more about being loved by their own people than foreign powers.

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