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Friday, March 23, 2007 

French television interview with Syria's president

Interview on France 2 with bashar Al-Assad:

"Isolating Syria can't have good results. Whoever wants to isolate Syria, is isolating hi,self from the problems of the region."

How long has it been that you haven't spoken to French President Chirac?

"Since 2004, I think. It corresponds to the rupture of relations between Syria and France. It is not a food thing for the relation between the two countries, and it is evident that France has suffered the most from it because France was in charge of the European politics in the region and now we don't hear anything anymore about French politics in the Middle East.

On the murder of Rafiq Al-Hariri:

"Nobody can accuse Syria without proofs, that be President Chirac or whoever.

The person who wants to accuse Syria must give proofs. We cannot build a relation between counties based on personal emotions. Relations should be based on reality and common interests. This accusation is totally inadmissable."

What would you tell President Chirac if you would meet him before the end of his Presidency?

"I would ask him where is the problem? I already said that whoever is involved in this case (Hariri), is considered to be a traitor under the Syrian law. They will be judged by a Syrian tribunal and condemned as severly as if it were in any other tribunal.

On Iraq:

"It is not of our interest to have chaos in a neighbour country, neither to keep it as sooner or later, in one way or another, we will have to pay for it."

I still think his father was right in only speaking Arabic when doing interviews or speeches. I've never heard the French, American or British Presidents making speeches in anything other their own languages.

Sorry, I meant British Prime Ministers :-P

Probably because they couldn't! Bush doesn't even know where France is.

It mighy be beter to speake in their languege so they can not mistranslate what he wants to say.

He is lying! He was the one that killed Hariri! murderer! lier! syrian traitor!

Assad's days are numbered, and the international tribunal will be ratified after the arab summit, and the BUTCHER OF DAMASCUS can do nothing about.

The assassinations, theft and political meddling will end by this UGLY MONSTER..

He is just an international LEPER!!!!

The only people whose days are numbered are the anti-Syrian mutants who accuse Syria of everything to cover up their own crimes. I can't wait for the day Hariri, Geagea, Jumblatt, Sinaira, and all the other Lebanese Zionists are given a red card and hung. Every anti-Syrian and Zionist is not worth half a hair on Bashar al-Assad's head, and this will be proven when he smashes the world over America's, France's, Britain's, and Zion's heads. So to all of you anti-Syrian bacteria: Go to hell and be welcomed by your Satanic master, because as far as the fate of the world is concerned, you are all Zionist enemies; the enemy of humanity.

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Well said Almighty, nothing to add , you saved me few spelling mistakes.

we will see when the international tribunal is up and running, who will get hung YOU INBRED.

I think you don't know what "inbred" means. I can't blame you, though. Knowledge is a foreign and incompatible concept to idiots. Nonetheless, it will be a great justice in the world when those I have mentioned are butchered and fed to rabid, Zionist mutants.

Another invasion of Lebanese speaking in mono-sylabics?

we should not fall in the trap...lebanese and syrian people are one people.
tripoli for example is like any syrian city.
when the regime will be out of syria,the familly and cultural and religious relations between both people will prevail.

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