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Wednesday, December 13, 2006 

Hariri militia stokes the fire of war

A Sunni warlord, and veteran of the Lebanese Civil War says he's preparing to fight the country's Shias.

Abu Ahmed is a militant extremist and supporter of Saad Al Hariri. It could be a message from the Hariri militia that they will not surrender power without a fight, being the supporters of democracy that they are.

"I cleaned (my weapons) with diesel. I have about 500 rounds," he said. "The streets here are boiling." In his car, he keeps photos of Hariri's assassinated father, Rafiq.

Last week a Shia supporter of the Hizbollah-led opposition protests was shot dead in a Sunni area of Beirut.

Hizbollah told its supporters not to retaliate. The group has repeatedly said it will not take up arms against other Lebanese.

The Hizbollah-led opposition blamed the shooting on militias it said were controlled by the authorities. Hariri and the government have repeatedly denied arming any militia.

But Abu Ahmed said many people in his district were carrying guns or seeking to arm themselves.

for God sake one person (or 10) is cleaning his old weapon and you call him militia, well what about your puppets hizballah with all the weapons you have given to them. what a joke

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