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Tuesday, December 12, 2006 

Gisele Khoury: the peasants have invaded Beirut

Gisele Khoury, right-wing propogandist and chat show host on Al-Arabiyah, has criticised the demonstrators in Beirut.

She says it's an invasion of the peasants (Southerners) - and a triumph of backwardness over moderity. (March 14th/Hariri apparently represents modernity).

In a wide-ranging attack, she mocked Hizbollah's liberation of the south of Lebanon in 2000 - saying that Hizbollah brought the war to Beirut this summer. Words that wouldn't sound out of place in Tel Aviv.

And - most astonishingly - she disputed that the Shia in Lebanon are the country's largest group. There are more Sunnis than Shia, she said, quoting a survey published in An-Nahar. Maybe she should have read the survey first - it showed that there are more Sunni Lebanese WORLDWIDE. In Lebanon, though, few would dispute that the Shia are the biggest group. Few, apart from the Phonecians that is.

The tirade came after a screening of the Al-Hurra TV documentary 'Samir Qasir: What Are You Writing?' by filmmaker Ephrem Kossaify, a sycophantic tribute to Khoury's journalist husband Samir Qasir. A member of the audience - who introduced himself as an investigative journalist - asked Kossaify how he came to the conclusion that Syria was behind Qasir's murder. His response - well, everyone knows Syria did it.

That passes for journalism in Lebanon (or at least on Al-Hurra).

What do you expect from Alarabia , a TV station owned by Saudi Arabia or Alhurra ,A TV station owned by the US ,they are advocat of surrender to Israel and the US or you are peasents and backward or like in Syria's case state support of terror .

Learn to spell, you idiot.

It seems that i touched a nerve , you seem to understand what i meant,i need to learn how to spell ,but you need to be raised beter .

That is not true..I was there in the audience, the film maker never said that the Syrians did it, in fact what he said was '" I never said that the Syrians did it, it was Samir's friends who did.. and why wouldn't they say so... if someone threatens you and follows you for a long time, wouldn't you guess they are the ones who would kill you?""

i would suggest that u either be objective or stop staining the journalism profession, and stay home.
I dare you to post the video of gisele khoury saying what u are quoting, knowing that half her family are chiites, not to mention that she is a left wing person and a fighter for the palestinian cause.
as for the syrian regime, no arab that respects himself stands besid a regime that kills and emprison its own people and the epople pf lebanon, and never dares to throw one bullet on israel..shame on al assad.he is not different from olmert.
So stop using rumors if u have nothing worthy to say..

The Frontline Club has the video of her statement, you can email Pravena at pranvera.smith@frontlineclub.com for a copy of the video.

As for Gisele being left wing. Well, I'll leave that up to your judgement. George Bush is a Communist by those standards.

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