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Thursday, August 10, 2006 


As the war continues in Lebanon and Israel, the war of words continues here on the Syria News Wire.

Keep talking - it's the only way to solve this mess. Don't forget, you can leave a comment on anything you read, you don't even need a login or password - you can comment anonymously.

Here's a selection.

Nir: Stop crying, you lost in the war, now suffer. The Druze have same rights, Christian have the same rights, with the Arabs its just cant work. We do not like people that live in our country and try to destroy the country. In Israel, they're called Arabs. It is funny to hear comments about democracy from Arabs, look in the mirror from time to time. At least Israel are not aiming to kill civilians, mistakes happen in every war. But Hezballa don’t make mistake, they aim just to kill civilians, as many as they can.

Norman: I see what Nir writes, and I wonder if anybody believes that the Arabs can live side by side to people Mr Nir represents - he does not represent the Jewish people as i know Jewish people they are my friends in the US - they send me more business than non-Jews, they are humble and helpful, the people in Israel are not Jews they are the racist Zionists who think that God gave them the holy land.

GottfriedStutz: Israel a democracy? Here are three examples why this not true: Administrative detention which applies also inside Israel proper, i.e. to Israeli citizens. It is usually applied only for Israeli Arabs. Media:Israel has never enshrined in law the right to freedom of speech and under an emergency regulation inherited from the British mandate - the Press Ordinance of 1933 - the government can close newspapers at will and without reason. This measure has been used a few times against dissident Arab Israeli media without evidence. Education: Israel separates the education of Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs until university entry.

This gives hope about the Israelies sparkle said...
"I don't know about Bush, but I am certain that the Israelis want nothing more than to be left in peace inside their UN-recognised borders, without a constant stream of terror and rocket attacks. They would love to be at peace with everyone."

Many Israelis do want peace, as do many Palestinians, Lebanese, iranians, Syrians, etc. etc. But the hardliners like a good outside threat to keep the focus on "the enemy" and off what they're doing to their countries and people in order to maintain or increase their power, creating a long, seemingly endless cycle of tit-for-tat violence. And just as there are some Palestinian fascists, for example, who will not be happy until Israel is gone, and some Hez and Iranian jackwads who won't be happy until they have achieved the "Shi'ite Crescent," there are israeli fascists who will not be happy until they've achieved the "Nile to Eurphrates" zionist dream and pushed the majority of Arabs out of those lands. read some Sharon interviews where he talks about killing Arabs ro blwoing up synagogues to bring Jews into line. read about Irgun and Haganah. There are jackwads on all sides, you'll see. Look at the settlements in the occupied territories (held despite UN resolutions declaring them illegal). Have you ever seen how Palestinians in those territories are treated? They are not all terrorists. Most of them just want to live their lives, have jobs and families and a future.

It wasn't a Palestinian who killed Rabin, when there was hope for real peace, more or less, in the region, it was a Jewish settler. This sort of thing happens all the time in these conflicts, the moderates and peacemakers too often get killed by their own fascist countrypeople.

Here are a few of the many Israelis who want peace:


Read some of their stories about the occupation. There's some videotape too if you need to see that.

It's a common myth these days that it's simply not possible to have peace with the Arabs, which is more propaganda -- Israel and Egypt have had peace for more than 25 years.

These wars are just fostering more anger and inspiring more terrorism, to justify more hardline response. the question isn't, "which side is most wrong," but " how do we get rid of these fascists and break this cycle?

6:01 PM
Fares said...
sparkle, great comment I am going to make it a post on freesyria.wordpress.com

6:11 PM
sparkle said...

The Un resolution 1701 is a clear win for Hizballa and Lebanon ,this war proved to Israel that it can not win in Lebanon,so they tried to cut their losses. I hope they seek peace arrangment with Syria ,Lebanon and the Palestinians as these three parties seem to be able to negotiate for a comprehensive peace treaty with Israel taking into considaration Israel security and safty and Arab rights ,President Asad should take this opportionity to call for a comprhensive peace collectivly between Israel on one side and Syria ,Lebanon and Palestine on the other side ,everybody in Israel understands that Israel failed in what it wanted as we all remember ( unconditional release of the Israeli soldsures)did not happen.NIR ,if you are there we do not want to harm the Israelies ,we just want what is rightly ours.


Ask your self this:

If we could go back one month, who will want it to happened? Hezballa or Israel?

Well, not Israel…

So think again who achieve something in this war.


I'am afraid that even there, several media reports would be in disagreement with your view.

I have a very hectic business schedule these days. Consquently, I'll be away for a period of four days to a week. I'll be back in order to pursue our dialog which, I hope, will be informative and instructive.

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