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Wednesday, August 09, 2006 

Amal militia back on the streets of Tyre

The Amal militia - not seen since the civil war - is patrolling the streets of Tyre.

Since the civil war, only the Hizbollah militia has been active. Amal's presence (even though they are allied to Hizbollah) is a bold move.

I see what nir writes ,and I wonder if anybody beleives that the Arabs can live side by side to people mr nir represent and he does not represent the Jewish people as i know jewish people they are my freinds in the US they send me more business than non jews they are humble and helpfull ,the people in Israel are not jews they are the racist zioniste who think that God gave them the holly land because they still are waiting for the Massaia not recognizing that God promissed them the return to Heaven and life after death if they beleived in his son ,they did not because they are looking for an earthy kingdom ,sooner or later God will punish them for reestablishing Israel before the return of the Massaia.


Don't bother very much. If you talk about "Israel" and Nir answers about "Jews", as in the previous post, it is because either he doesn't know (or want to admit) that Israel is not only inhabited by Jews, or because he is trying deliberately to twist the discussion. Nir does the latter very often: No argumentation, only statements of hate. I just contributed to the previsou post, and I'm hoping that Nir will be rational for once.


Is there any question in your words or just "conclusion"?

From some reason, you think Israel is USA, from some reason you think we built our country for the Arabs...
Well, wake up.

Norman, see what I told you? Nir is admitting that the country was built for the Jews only. He recognises the the country is exclusive to one religious group and that, therefore, it is not democratic. At least he is honest about it!


Israel is a Jewish democracy, not democracy but Jewish democracy.

What is the different?

Oh, I am glad that you asked:

Its mean that first of its entire house for Jewish, and if you leave here you must not undermine under those thought.

“Accordingly we, members of the People's Council, representatives of the Jewish Community of Eretz-Israel and of the Zionist Movement, are here assembled on the day of the termination of the British Mandate over Eretz-Israel and, by virtue of our natural and historic right and on the strength of the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz-Israel, to be known as the State of Israel.”

The Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel

Fine. That's why it is NOT a democracy. It is not a State with equal rights for all its citizens. Thank you for having made it clear that this is a apartheid-type country.

And what are the borders of this Eretz-Israel mentioned in the declaration, pray? Certainly not those recognised by the International community, right?


Apartheid-type country?

You are completely wrong..ask the Druses about their rights. ask the Christians , how you explain that ?

“And what are the borders of this Eretz-Israel mentioned in the declaration, pray? Certainly not those recognised by the International community, right?”

no, and why not ??
because the Arabs refused to agree to the UN resolution , and started the 48 war in the next day ………..

already then they try to occupy all Israel , thanks to our army we kick their ass out of Haifa ,tel Aviv ,forever .

they lost in a war that they start , so they going to get shit back .

“Following the State of Israel's establishment, the armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq joined the fighting and began the second phase of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. From the north, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, were all but stopped relatively close to the borders. Jordanian forces, invading from the east, captured East Jerusalem and laid siege on the city's west. However, forces of the Haganah successfully stopped most invading forces, and Irgun forces halted Egyptian encroachment from the south. At the beginning of June, the UN declared a one-month cease fire during which the Israel Defense Forces were officially formed. After numerous months of war, a cease fire was declared in 1949 and temporary borders, known as the Green Line, were instituted”

learn history !!!

Mr 'Nir'

I believe that the great superiority of weapons was the only reason the modern Israel beat the Arab armies in 1948. I have seen Israeli soldiers on television in the hundreds for many years, and few look very physically strong to my keen eye. They are certainly not powerful Danes or Nigerians, but rather weak looking specimens of men, who, if ever faced with an enemy even a quarter as technologically equipped, will be driven into the sea.

Live with your illusions of 'poor weak Israel', but in the end nothing you say changes reality.

Anonymous ,

I don’t know from where you took the thought that Israeli soldiers are stronger (physical) from the Arabs.

We known as doctors and scientists not as farmers…

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