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Thursday, April 06, 2006 

Mohammad Al-Maghout dies

Syrian writer and poet Mohammad Al-Maghout has died.

The 72 year old was criticial of Arab regimes in his work, but he received praise from both the Syrian and American governments.

"Syria and the Arab world lost a giant today," the Syrian news agency said.

He died after a long illness. During his life he worked with renowned actor Duraid Lahm. But one of his most famous quotes was: "Policemen, Interpol men everywhere, you search for the perfect crime."

"There is only one perfect crime - to be born an Arab."

And who gives a damn if he received praise from the American goverment, it might be even an insult to Al-Maghout himself, in fact, the American goverment has no credibility to give such a great man or any other great man the 'Quality Seal'.It is enough that his Arab in general and Syrian readers in particular praised him and considered his works as some of the best.This is the best testimony ever.It is a sad day.

Anon,cool down it is an hounor to be praised by your enemy and that is all what was meant.he was not famous because of the American gov prais but deserved it.

Mr.Maghout was an honest talented man that stayed the course and went against all odds to achieve the impossible. He got the respect of every one regardless of religion, political background, social background....
He is bigger than life and death.

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